To rescue the world We need to rise up now,as tomorrow there will be no chance to regret!

To rescue the world
We need to rise up now,
as tomorrow there will be no chance to regret!

Farah Notash           Worlds Anti-imperialist Front           Women’s Power

Vienna 18. 05. 2019


To the UN, the world press, parties and organizations.

Yesterday Conan Osiris, the Portuguese singer of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 in occupied Palestine (Israel), protested against the fake number of the votes. What else could be expected?! All the contests and all the prizes are not to promote the artists, but to misuse artists for Zionist imperialist goals of world domination. No humanity and sympathy whatsoever can be expected for the artists who get smashed by discrimination against them and ignorance. In the Zionists mental environment, every action has value only, as far as it brings accumulation of capital.

Before the last ESC everything was already arranged for this ESC. The winner in the previous contest had to be from Israel, so that the present song contest could be presented in Israel. This parallel event, with the recognition of Jerusalem as capital, was absolutely what they needed. This year’s song contest was a cover for two conspiracies. First, the publicity for Israel as a country, with the hope of getting world recognition. Second, the Fajireh harbor explosion in the Emirates, which was planned by Israel and carried out by the Emirates in order to blame Iran, as a means to provoke the USA to start war with Iran.

For many years, Netanyahu had wished to attack Iran’s nuclear activity bases. But he was always stopped by the US or Israeli authorities. Now the ESC as a glamorous event is misused to cover the conspiracy behind it. Bolton, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are involved in the case. The Associate Press satellite photos -AP, shows small damages. The day of the event, the Emirate leaders did not allow the AP reporters to visit the damaged ships.

But due to this planned damage, the US Abraham Lincoln war ship plus 7 other warships, McFaul, Gonzalez, Leyte Gulf, Mendez Nunezand Bainbridge, with a capacity for more than 90 missiles and 20-30 aircraft bombers, Arlington and 700 infantry transport ship and other facilities are all now in the Persian Gulf. But Trump is still claiming there is not going to be a war with Iran!

Preventing Iran from having nuclear weapons is not because nuclear weapons are harmful for human beings, but because they should be in the monopoly of the Zionists in order to enslave the nations.

At the beginning of this year, Madeleine Albright, the former Zionist US foreign

secretary, the coup-maker of Ukraine, with utmost brazenness, announced Russia is our true enemy, stop it, don’t let it get strong again.

So, the US-NATO maneuvers are taking place in all the ex-soviet countries Poland, (Pre-Baltic countries) Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia. These countries have no nuclear weapons. But US-NATO, right next to Russia borders, are maneuvering there, with the atomic missiles.

So, the US Zionist and its NATO, are not keeping and producing atom bombs for the creatures from other planets, but they want it for domination against humans and plundering countries.
If the Zionists’ Propaganda Organization, “Hollywood” is making films with imaginary monsters coming from other planets to harm the people on the earth, it is preparing an excuse to refuse disarmament. Those monsters are the true images of the Zionists on earth, and not from other planets!

So, this horrible situation shows there is no possibility to waste time. Tomorrow it will be too late for regrets, when this huge atomic war machine starts working. And this

machine will not involve only Iran and Russia,

but all the NATO lands


So, let us stand up now to rescue life on earth.

No nuclear weapons on earth.

Worlds nuclear disarmament.

Women’s Power

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