Time for the EU, Russia and China to unite…

Time for the EU, Russia and China to unite…

and finally stop the warmongers from bullying the world

Farah Notash         Worlds Anti-imperialist Front   Women’s Power  

Vienna 19. 06.2019

As Mike Pompeo continues his constant wailing, condemning Iran’s Mullah Regime for attacking the oil tankers,

As Trump keeps parroting the same words through his frothing mouth, “it was Iran and there will be no end to the sanctions”, and keeps sending all US warships to the Hormuz Straits, the Persian and Oman Gulfs,

As the Pentagon every day comes up with a video, photo, magnet and Iran’s footprints on the attacked oil tankers to get agreement for going to War!

As Saudi Slaughterers and the UAE compete in their show of loyalty to their US supporter, bark now and then and say: Iran is attacking our oil tankers and must be stopped,

Is Netanyahu remaining quiet? No, he has lit the fire and is holding the remote control!

And behind the great tension, he is busy writing the rest of the script, and arranging naming ceremonies!

The US Zionist plan is to expand Israeli territory from all sides. West Bank, Gaza, Syria and …

Therefore, Trump, who agreed to do all these dirty jobs, became president of the

USA. The jobs no US President ever accepted to do. And for getting the next 4 years of US Presidentship he is just an obedient servant. This huge collection of warships in the southern waters is fulfilling the true wishes of the Zionists.

And behind this huge uproar and tension, a ceremony of recognition as Israeli territory of the occupied Syrian Golan Heights has just taken place on 16th June.

A Syrian territory of 1000 square km just 60 km from Damascus. With the values of keeping Damascus under watch, a good water supply and a nearby coast.

13th June 2019, two oil tankers were attacked, then the World Media covered the planned

event with the US condemning Iran and threatening and bringing further warships to the Oman Gulf till today.

16th June Benjamin Netanyahu has unveiled a new settlement in the occupied Golan Heights, naming it Trump’s Heights! Israeli sovereignty recognized by Trump. And US-Israeli flags overbearing the unveiled sign of “Trump’s Heights!”

Since the 1967 Middle East war, no authority has accepted to recognize it as Israeli Territory. That just shows Trumps shallow position for becoming a president and his challenge to keep it.

The world has not forgotten the 44 stolen Syrian children who were misused for the preparation of the staged chemical attack. The fake Video films were in You tube, and that was the reason for US attacks and a planned invasion of Syria.

The 4 oil tanker attacks in Fujairah, UAE, was the first part of the script for the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital. And the other two, to bring more warships for spot attacks on Iran’s Nuclear bases, according to the Israeli plan.

And why is the US asking German forces to remain in Jordan and make further

researches? As the Zionist colonial Islamist Daesh program has not succeeded in

Syria, they need further efforts!

On 16th June, at the same time as this unhappy ceremony for recognition of the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, a demonstration was held by Syrian Democrats, against Bashar-Al-Assad, with a speech by a well-known Trotskyist, in the center of Vienna. Perhaps elsewhere too. This shows how the Syrian Democrats are misused against their own rights.

The Iran mullah regime keeps strongly denying any involvement in the attacks and on 17th June revealed that if it ever decides to close the straits of Hormuz, it will announce it publicly. And that would not be to prevent passage of one or two tankers, but it will be closed for all. And it has denounced the USA as the cause of tension in the region and has asked it to leave the Oman and Persian Gulf.

The US warmongers, to attack Iran, need approval from the world. That is why every day they bring a new piece of fake evidence. The old Israeli plan of attacking all of Iran’s nuclear bases is their plan. That means by bombing those bases, not just one town, but the whole of Iran will be contaminated by nuclear substances.

And the result?

Meanwhile the US has been filling up the Saudi Slaughterers’ arsenal with old US weapons!


US … means problem            

heart pain and sore

US warmonger              

restless and more

devilish steps

need tension… uproar

greedy monster

soon will explode

for sure…


Urgent need

for immediate collective leadership of the world



Women’s Power

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