The Society of Iran’s Surgeons

The Society of Iran’s Surgeons

Excellency Hojatoleslam valmoslemin Seyed Ebrahim Raisi

Chief Justice of Judicial System of Iran

30th June 2019

With greetings and respect;

Article 47 of criminal law executions concerning the use of organs from the bodies of prisoners sentenced to death, irrespective of their backgrounds, has caused worries and anxieties for the vast medical society especially surgeons, honorable doctors who have spent a lifetime dedicated to the country and the fulfillment of people’s needs.

The usage of the organs of prisoners with death sentences has an unpleasant, despicable and very critical history. Not only will it be of no help to those in need, but also will threaten and will put into question the respectability of the great number of doctors who have tried to help patients by organ transplants.

I, one of the initiators of organ transplants in Iran after the revolution, as objecting severely, announce that I personally will never be prepared to make use of such a despicable method and I am sure many of my honorable and famous colleagues share the same feeling.

Please order and see to the prompt and dignified removal of this article of law.

Sincerely yours

Doctor Iradj Fazel

Head of the Iran’s Surgeons Society

Head of the Assembly of Iran’s Medical Council Group

And 25 signatures of Iran’s well-known doctors


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