Tsipras Comedy and Greece

Tsipras Comedy and Greece

Farah Notash         Worlds anti-imperialist front       Women’s Power

                                                 Vienna 20.07.2015

The fiery Speech of Alexis Tsipras, the Greek Prime minister, from Syriza party before the referendum, was persuading people for a NO vote, refusing the austerity plan of the Euro rulers. Also Mrs Zoe Konstantopoulou, the head of the Greek parliament, from the left wing of the same party, refusing saving plan imposed by the EU, made a detailed speech, which was translated to many languages for the anxious world, watching Greece. But later, when he and the majority of the Greek parliament members voted YES, by a majority of 229 against 64 NO votes, 32 from Syriza Party supporting the austerity plan, the unique comedy in the worlds political history was formed,

The Tsipras Comedy! He had even threatened parliament, that without their support he would leave his position!! 

In Greece, the Cradle of democracy, the voice of the majority was ignored! Sometimes there are events, to which one can laugh at, all one’s life! He encouraged the people to give a NO vote, but he gave a YES vote himself! When he said “I could not do anything else” Communist Party said “why did they tie you?”

          When Tsipras’s help request for a loan of 50 Billion a year was refused he introduced the referendum, after that, the EU estimated, they could provide 88-90 billion help (loan!) till 2018, starting with 7 conditional billions. The conditions were, the agreement of Parliaments of the contributing countries and a project plan from the Greek government within the next few days.

          When the Greek government accepted the austerity plan,  the happiness of the No voters in Athens was changed to the roaring anger of workers under the  leadership of the communist party and the violent demonstration of Syriza youth using Cocktail Molotov. The Greek Communist party, which is one of the best among all the European communist parties, in a 5 pages announcement, said it was determined for a true NO. For getting out of the Euro zone and establishing socialism.

         The EU countries are divided in to two branches. The Greeks Euro exit for 5 years is supported by Germany and some other countries in one side, the remaining of Greece is supported by France and Italy and others on the other side.

         The political situation of every country is indicated on an axis, with on the one side dependence and on the other side, independence. Independence rest on 3 main pillars.

         Independence of thoughts, competence and economics. The weakness of   each drives the pendulum towards the dependence.

          Imperialists for domination cheat and invest in to the of weakening of each pillar separately. Their aim leads to deviations and changes in ideology.

          Taking the nations back to the past by Islamism, and the destruction of the factories where ever ISIS (US Islamist army) attacks and occupies, is also a dependence goal of the Usurers.

           In capitalism the first word “right” is for the money owner. The Loaners always lay down the conditions. This is the point where disgrace starts. The Usurers always enter the circle, with the two main aims of domination and collecting compound interest. So there is not more than one way out. Break away and turn back. The middle games of the reformists, one foot here and the other there, are nothing but chains, make -ups and delay in the basic solving of the problems. The National Unity, on which Tsipras is leaning, is the unity of the right wing, the allies of the Usurers. This means accepting the austerity  plan, dependence and slavery of the Greek nation. The slogan” we do not have any debt”, was the slogan which brought Tsipras to power. But in a short time he started bargaining on the amount of debts to pay.

         Meanwhile the manner of the Euro commanders in imposing their  austerity plan, “threatening to use other means” should be considered.

         Among the articles written for Greece, the Yuri Misan article in Walter net,

         with a translation on a Farsi site is in support of Usurers, by giving a false history of the Greek debts. Some explanation about the false information:

·       Józeph Retinger (17 April 1888 – 12 June 1960)

          The founder of Bilderberg was not fascist Polish, but Zionist Polish with a seat as a freemasons. The aim of establishing a secret world government, he founded the Biderberg in 1954, which is ruling the world, under the Zionists command. And the ones who call themselves leftists and avoid to write the name of the Zionists in their articles and mention it as a religious mater, they jolly well are aware that Zionism is a secular Ideology.  That is misusing Jews to hide behind them.  These so called leftists are opportunists who are silent about crimes of Zionists in Israel/Palestine. These leftists are puppets of imperialists under the red flag.

·      The Ukrainian Fascists are under the full control of NATO, which is dictating every step to them. They are misused by NATO because US imperialist are planning to invade Russia from there, not that they have the least interest in the Fascist ideology. The other fascists are not supporting them.

To rescue the nations, could any other way be imagined except turning down Imperialism?


Women’s Power

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