The battle of Greece against the Usurers

The battle of Greece against the Usurers

Farah Notash     World anti-imperialist front     Women’s Power

Vienna   4th July 2015


The drunken hyenas of imperialism, in a united chain, are watching in the limbo of a false YES, and the fear of collapse in to the poverty of a NO.

And this is the Greece which is burning in the agitation of the question, what is to be done?

Greece in the front row of the battle against the Worlds United Usury Emperors, in the conflict and crisis, is the same Prometheus chained to the Olympus Mountain, so that every day until sunset, the vultures can chew his heart. What is the way to rescue Greece? This battle is so wicked and unequal.

Victory?!     Which and when?

In YES famine and starvation with a lead tied round the neck, or

In a brave Jump to a start from the scratch, with the pride of the NO, this also will be an excuse for later tricks of the Usurers.

NO is the start of a brave war. That is a NO to entire existence of drunken hyenas in a united chain. NO ... It is a way to break away from them.

The fight of the Greece is the problem of the whole world.

The bully imperialists sell weapons by force, which makes the people indebted. By forcing out interest from them over long years. And when debt breaks the back of the debtor who cannot pay any longer, then they escalate the interest rate.

The debt of Greece is only compound interest.

In imperialism the sickness of greed is not curable. This forever rising voracity is the true essence of imperialism.

Although Greece is in the front row, this struggle is not only the concern of Greece. The heavy problem linked to this debt, is the loud ringing bell to awaken the world against imperialism. Unity in the anti-imperialist front and struggling against these greedy hyenas is the most important step for rescuing the collapsed world in to the sewage of corruption.

Let us not leave the Greece alone.

Obliteration of imperialism is a sunrise of the freedom.

And struggle for freedom, is a duty of every human being.       Women’s Power

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