Mr President El-Sisi,

Mr President El-Sisi,

Respectable court of Egypt,

Farah Notash               Worlds anti-imperialist front          Women’s Power 

                                                                                                         Vienna 2015.06.22

Protest against the Sentence for Morsi

The Grand Mufti, the country’s Top Muslim theologian, has formally approved the Egyptian court’s Judgement; the death sentence for Morsi the former president of Egypt.

The condemned crimes of accusations in this judgement are:

Breaking out of jail, and more than 1000 Muslim Brotherhood escaped, 2011,

Killing the protestors, 2012,

Spying for Hamas and Iran Regime to destabilise Egypt, 

Perpetrating terror attacks in the country in order to spread chaos and topple the state.

With respect this protest is against: the most important parts missing, in the criminal accusations, as well as the diminished, light, simple and  passive penalty.

These crimes are only parts of the crimes committed in Egypt.

 What about the brainwashed masses, who did not want to leave the streets of Cairo after Morsi’s overthrown and were persuaded by regime of Iran to continue resistance and had to be shot in Rabee?

What about the branches spreading in the rest of the world, bringing the most horrifying misery to the world? Please look at these branches in Iran, in Hamas, in Turkey and all the other Islamic countries.

Look at what they have done to Syria. It is not fair just to judge them for their crimes in Egypt. All the branches are working as a team to destroy the world. The origin is in Egypt. The US Zionist plan, was to free them from prison and impose them on Egypt, but the nation of Egypt in the in great demonstration said NO.   The US Zionist sat back.

In 1928, the crafty British Imperialism produced a baby monster in Cairo,

the Muslim Brotherhood, to choke the people of the world today.

This baby monster was bred and supported to become the most devilish

Monster in the world of the net age, to serve imperialism. Later the US A took over.  Please See (and show to the world) the films of US foreign minister, Hillary Clinton, visiting Morsi. Look at their attitude and their great happiness at this success. Everything can be seen in their open laughter about their mischief.

The whole Muslim Brotherhood is implementing the UK and US plans of taking Africa, Asia and the Middle East back to the past. The UK and USA both are using the Muslim Brotherhood to prolong their existence in this world. They need great traitors such as Muslim Brotherhood to wash the brains of the people.

There is a one question from the respectable Egyptian court.

 Please tell the world what the penalty is for a person who puts a kind of worm in to someone’s ear. The worm goes into the brain and makes that person insane for life.

That is what these traitors have done to humanity. They have brainwashed

the people and converted to them to obedient Islamist monkeys.

Look what they have done to the Middle- East and Africa. Look at the never ending misery, which is going to go on and on for generations.

Please pay great attention. The head of the snake is in your hands. Their world crime is much worse than what they have done in Egypt, also their criminal brainwashing in Egypt, which is ruining the country, has not been


They must be made to understand, that they have ruined the world. Death is a sweet heroic sleep for these US monkeys. They should clean up their mess from the earth before leaving. Look at the Mediterranean Sea. The grave of endless refugees. Look at all the misery the world is drowning in. All these crimes are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood.  

This is not a bed pan to be emptied in the toilet and flash the toilet. This is the contagious UK, US diarhea which has covered the earth, which is going to go on for generations.

Please do not make a short symbolic penalty. They have not been only dishonest to Egypt but to humanity and the world. Please do not make heroes out of these ugly UK, US monkeys. They have to be made to understand that the people of the world are aware of what they have done, and they must clean the mess. They should see how the USA left them alone when they were losers. They have to tell the world in the media how they have cheated the people in order to prolong UK, US existence. This should not come through tortures. But through heavy manual works (Mines, roads, lands) and discussions. Why work? Because working makes humans pure. And working also gives the true feeling and awareness of the working class‘s painful life. The class that they betrayed and enslaved. Otherwise when they come to the media to tell the truth, their words cannot affect the brainwashed masses.  They should pull out from the roots the Muslim brother hood in the world.

The answer will not come in one night, but will take some time.  When they understand the facts, they will fight for the truth . That will be the true start of the Arabic Spring.  The Communist Party of Egypt would be able to help. Egypt is responsible for the entire world. Egypt’s success is the world’s success.

Down with the UK and US Imperialists and their

Monsters, Muslim Brotherhood all over the world.         Women’s Power

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