In one stroke

In one stroke

Farah Notash                World anti imperialist front    women’s power

Vienna June 2015


The Zion-Imperialism of the USA, not only is destroying Asia, the Middle East and Africa, but also Europe, all in one stroke.

All these consecutive fires of wars which are being lit up in vast numbers of countries one after the other and nonstop by the USA, are also planting misery and poverty in the world. The people have no choice. To be killed or run away and become a refugee. Women and children with no support are misused as sex slaves. The boys over seven or eight are misused as war tools, as shooter or suicide attackers. Men with amputated heads.

Europe also is suffering under unplanned and unexpected excessive numbers of refugees. Camp towns are new in Europe. The southern European countries, which are suffering from deep economical problems, of course are more under pressure.  They have to face tremendous numbers of refugees. The conflicts between Europeans and refugees who have also passed through the seas of horror, is really upsetting. 

They have lost all their belongings, and they never started the wars.

This problem is going round and round in a closed circle and the wound is getting deeper and deeper, while the USA who is the main cause of all these problems is far away from it all.

It is high time the EU separates his policy and army from the USA. The USA is also destroying Europe indirectly.

The misery planter is striking the entire world in one go.

Australia is not accepting any refugees.  The refugees who have arrived

there after horror journeys in the seas, have to face even greater problems  than before. The US puppet, the French president has openly suggested the bombarding of the boats which bring the refugees. Not surprising! Well then if refugees are so unwanted and are such a cost to these countries, why then all these countries approve and support the US foreign policy?

It is the time they pull away from the USA and leave this great misery maker alone. To overcome all this unplanned and unwanted pressure imposed on it.

It is time Europe watches out for  present and future of the Europe.

Leave NATO,

Never cooperate with UK and US foreign policy.

Call back all the soldiers from all the countries under the US interference.

Control the young Muslims of Europe, so that they are not brain washed by UA Missionaries via Turkey and Saudis.

European Mosques belong to Europe, out with US mischief.

Down with the misery makers        women’s power

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