Prostitution in political literature

Prostitution in political literature

Prostitution in political literature

The promotion of US Thugs Army

Farah Notash           Worlds anti-imperialist front          Women’s Power

 Vienna  May 2015

After the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, the mother of the Zarnayew brothers (from Tschtschen) was interviewed by the media. She was absolutely shocked, horrified and could not believe what she had to face. She looked intelligent and had no Islamic appearance. She openly announced her awareness of an older man in connection with the two sons, the man who apparently had the brainwashing mission. The elder son was immediately killed in the armed conflict with the police. The younger son was unconscious due to injuries for a week or more. After recovery there was nothing said, nor heard in the media about the brainwashing man.

 Who was he? And why wasn’t there anything about him in the news!

Of course the answer is clear for the world, as with all the organized

Brainwashings of thousands of young European Muslims, who were brain- washed by the US Salafi Imams. The imams in the mosques of Europe captured by the US agents, bought by the Saudis and Erdoghan. The brainwashed young Muslims all joined the IS army through the Mosques and were sent to the US Army bases in Turkey.

There, they had direct arms training from US Officers and then they were sent to Syria to kill and destroy. The two unfortunate young men in Boston were also brainwashed and misused exactly in the same manner, by the US Missionaries, but for US internal purposes. Now every day, the media,  shows us the fully equipped Iron bed in high- security Massachusetts prison, to which, the brain washed 21 year old man, is going to be tied and

injected with poison, as the death penalty, inflicted by the US Monster. Today again after 2 years, the world is hearing the loud cry of pain of Zubeidat Zarnayew, the mother. She is cursing the USA to eternal and horrible burning. She never believes her sons were Guilty.

The imperialist media are making effort to buy respect for the US murderer trainer, while the brainwasher remained unknown to the people, for further missions. And now the US monster regime is trying to act its role as the hero, in the Revenge Boston tragedy script. This dirty play does not fascinate nor deceives the people of the world.

 It is just like the play of the Twin Towers of 2001, which was an excuse to enter Afghanistan and stay there till today. To hide the US revelation in European mosques, the USA needs to pretend that it is also threatened by Islamists! Recently the USA aware of the world’s hatred against it, has been leaning on poor writers such as Christoph Reuter. In his book written in German, The Black Power, he wrote 352 pages full of absurdities to promote the US thugs army as a spontaneous Arab force and to release the US Monster from the world’s hatred. For this purpose he brings out of the grave, the Skeletons of one of the killed officers of Sadam, who cannot defend himself and introduces him as the founder of IS. And yet the Sadam regime was a victim of the Green Belt theory. Hanging on to the skeletons of a dead man to rescue a monster such as the USA is a disgrace for anyone who calls himself human.  In this book, Hajji Bakr (Samir Abdul Mahmood Khald) the Sadam Officer buys a house in Syria and sets up the IS Army. In reality, the US Map for the Middle East existed long before the IS Army members were born.   The US geographical plans for changes are nothing new. The Great Middle East, the Great Azerbaijan, the Great Kurdistan and.... The world knows all the Sunni rulers and Sunni terrorists are US servants.  Hajii Bakr was killed, like Osama Ben Laden, as he was a servant who had passed his expiry date.

The world knows the founder of IS is the US Zion–Imperialist with, its servants, as Saudis, Erdoghan, François Hollande and his*coffin bell Israel.

Also the world knows the USA is definitely the Boston Bomber.

Christoph Reuter with his book cannot hide the ugly face of the US monster. Selling himself with the aim of deceiving masses is nothing but open prostitution in political literature. Betraying the masses for money is mere prostitution.

And every cents of the money he has received for distorting the reality in the production of nonsense , is another blood drops  from the amputated heads, hanging from the IS army hands , together with the cries of more than 5.5 million children. But the doors are not closed to anyone. This man   can make his criticism and the people will support him. 

All servants such as Christoph Reuter should know that the people hate them as much as they hate USA.  Each of them has an expiry date. The US will kill them with no mercy, when their time is over. It will misuse even their skeletons if needed. The US monster has never interest in the wishes of individuals, groups or parties.      The past speaks for the future.

This is the truth.

*Coffin bell: Sarcastic expression of Persians to describe the babies of old men. Soon the men will die and the cry of the baby will be the bell of the coffin.         Women’s Power



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