A word with you Gentlemen

A word with you Gentlemen

Farah Notash      Vienna 8th May 2015

Anti-imperialist front for men and women        Women’s Power

These words start with expressing gratitude to the men who struggle against slavery of children and women under the Islamic regimes.

Sometimes choosing death is easier than tolerating torture and humiliation.

In the past 37 years with caution and respect to people’s religious feelings, all the unfairness  caused by Iran fundamentalists, the UK Imperialist’s puppets, and the new Greens (reformists), the USA puppets has been tolerated and many words have been said indirectly.

We all know, but we are still so thankful to the Iranian leftist writers of articles who remind us of the Marx’s writings over the clash with religions. Also Bijan Jazanys’ ideas of 40years ago.( The Persian Marxist theoretician )

The basis of Marx knowledge and experience was the historical understanding of religions in the world, and the large number of the Catholic Church’s tragic crimes in the Middle Ages in Europe. One of the events of his time was the discovery of a large number of children and women’s skeletons, under the Catholic Church’s buildings, due to rape, killing and burying of the victims by catholic priests.

Religion was recognized as the lever of Feudalism and Capitalism.

In the Marxist‘s Pyramid the kings are at the peak and then the Bourgeois, then come the religious figures. But in countries like Iran, religions have become the lever of Imperialists. Even though the system of government superficially was Monarchy, but the kings were totally paralyzed if they implemented their power without the Mullahs’ agreement. In both Ghajares dynasty (in Feudalism) and the Pahlavi dynasty (in a half industrial system), Shah and Mullah were under the direct rule of UK Imperialism, each through separate channels, and later under the domination of the USA.

There is a famous English saying „A wise man never puts all his eggs in one basket“. So infiltration was arranged of all the parties and organizations, monasteries, as soon as any movement started to develop.

Murder of political, art and cultural personalities, such as Mirzde Eshgie,

Ahmad Kasravie, Razmara and Mansur, always were the orders of UK Zionist Freemasons, and carried out by Mullahs or the Shah. It is a big lie that Mullahs are against Zionism. The fresh evidence is their constant help from the nation’s budget without permission of the Persians, to Hamas (Zionism Production) for many years. And empower it against the Fatah and the People’s Front .Today the Unity of Hamas with Saudi Arabia against the Houthi and Iran shows this fact, clearly and the confrontation of the USA and UK is Visible there too.

The Persian kings after the Afshars dynasty were puppets of Imperialism. In the claws of the Shiites made by Sheikh Safiedin Ardabili and Co, with the UK imperialist finishing touches, to give it a pyramid form. Till the end of Ghajares there was complete harmony among the imperialist ruling channels, the Shah and the Mullah with no contradictions, and together oppressing all the people’s movements.  The Mullahs preferred the Ghajar dynasty to Pahlavi.

The Ghajar with all its parasitic princes, who were drowned in a sewage of corruption and did not work but were paid high salaries  from the very high taxes which were applied to the poor  farmers, before the days of oil income.  This reactionary attitude was the cause of the conflict between the Mullah and Reza Shah Pahlavi who like Turkey’s  Ata Turk, from the start was the supporter of Hitler’s Fascism and turned his back to UK imperialism which had helped him with the Crown. The conflict between the Shah and Mullah was the conflict between UK Imperialism and Fascism. Some Mullahs were hanged by Reza Shah. This conflict existed until Reza Shah was exiled by allied forces to Africa and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was chosen as the king under the domination of the UK. From 1941to 1953 there was no conflict between the two channels. Mosadegh was against the UK but believed the USA supported freedom, and was not aware of the meaning of Hiroshima, Nagasaki   nuclear bombing.

So the Mullahs were not on Mosadegh side. And when the people during revolution  

Changed the name of a main road, from Pahlavi to Mosadegh, Mullahs again changed it to Vali -Aser, the name of the 12th expected Imam. 

But when the USA made a Coup d’état against Mosadegh and then Shah was under the USA rule, a conflict with UK’s orders started again. And as the USA since

WW 2 has been the leader of Imperialists, the Mullahs movement was considered as an Anti Imperialist movement by the leftist of Iran and the world.  But in reality, it was anti USA because it was pro UK. And the competition between the Imperialists was hidden from the sights. And still is. And the Mullahs have enjoyed this false respect until now. This religious colonial regime has been able to misrepresent itself as Anti imperialist in the world. The proof perhaps was hidden in past, but today is totally clear. The true anti Imperialist is at the service of the working class.

But in contradiction to Khomeini‘s popular slogan

 “We would not give a hair of a hut resident to all the palace residents“

we see the extreme class distinction of the Zionist Bankers programs being applied

to the Iran society:  Robbery, plundering, corruption and killing of the  people  is the tool of the regime, totally harmonic with the Imperialists’ program.  

So we are the contemporaries to the implementation of Religious colonialism by the Imperialism to the African and Asian societies. Religion is the tool misused by imperialism for enslavering the nations. So at this stage we are compelled to rip their masks to show the imperialist face behind them. This is our struggling tool. Of course if anything goes against their will, their first reaction is to scream, „she/he has burnt Koran”, and the herd then destroys the speaker. And we are the ones who are burnt and have to find a way out of fire, and with our innovation undo

the imperialists’ Mullahs’ plot.

Perhaps for you Gentlemen who are at the peak of world leftists, the meaning of marriage to a child, simply due to the difference in anatomy, is not quite

Understandable. (Please see the photos in the website below).  But we women prefer death to this horrible oppression as a law of a country. And revenge on the invaders to our children is instinctive in us.

The evidence of today is Farinas Khosravi from Mahabad who threw herself out of the window of the forth flour, and preferred death to rape.  

They throw acid to the faces of the girls and women to impose the colonial Hijab, and make them faceless for life. And spur on the thugs herd to rip apart

girls and women and then burn them, accusing them of burning the Koran. And they make defenceless children in to sex slaves and torture them. And then we should be cautious with the people’s religious feeling!

 And the Women’s Power, who sees all this and cries, is Radical!

No, sir, it is not at all like that. Women’s Power clearly condemns you for having

Paralyzed human feelings. And is disgusted with its repulsion.

We women will be cries against all the oppressions the imperialists impose on us.

And under the mask of Political Islam is mischievously busy humiliating nations and ruining their history.

We women rise up against the religious masks which are burning our roots .And by imposing stupidity are  sending the people to the bottom of the Jamkaran well, to empty the nation’s banks and leave the workers in hunger, and to rape the working children in streets. Please tell us how many centuries you Gentlemen need for your unity, until you move to serve the Working Class? Your routine works are old and rotten.

And do think your cautious papers have the true quality for fighting?

The Majority of you Gentlemen are in dreams of reaching power and manipulating it to make it a circle with you in the center, you have left no place

for discussion. Your Selfishness has the first place in speech. And Persian leftist men are much more ahead than European men in giving no value to the women fighters!! We are sick and tired of hearing the repeated stories of yesterday’s wars instead of today’s war. We know imperialism and its servants very well.  Today we know the pain of the workers, and the children of work and the rape of them is our pain of today. The past feud and enmity is awkward and an obstacle in the way of

tomorrow, as in your heart love has given its place to hatred. 

Recently some other Gentlemen have entered to the political scene. They believe

The working class itself should organize its own party and should never unite with the present petty bourgeois  leftist parties and organizations .And that, they could not achieve anything in the previous Iran’s revolution and now they want straight socialism immediately and why should Women’s Power place itself in the middle?

With great regret I must say these people either do not know the definition of class

and workers, or with super revolutionary slogans have come to mislead the people. Separating intellectuals (petty bourgeois) from working class is nothing new. All the time and in all the countries imperialism by imprisoning and executing the petty bourgeois  has tried to create this separation and has not succeeded. Now it is misusing religion to fool the masses,

And you must ask yourself, why you are spreading the wish of imperialists.

The majority of the workers due to the role of manual work imposed on them in the capitalist societies have no time to do enough mental work as needed.

The intellectuals (petty bourgeois) due to their humanist believes, voluntarily, join and defend the working class. Marx and Lenin were from this category. But Engels was a Bourgeois who at service of working class.

Not only are we not allowed to insult the petty bourgeois layer who give their

time for free to serve the Working class, but we should respect and honour to them. Instead of having a good time to serve their own interest, they devote themselves to working class. The majority of the working class Theoreticians are from the (middle layer) petty bourgeois. Also some of the petty bourgeois goes and serves the capitalists, like Hitler and Brzezinski.

 The establishing of any other organization apart from a Nationwide Communist Party is vain and useless.

Women’s power, who knows Iran’s regime and all the other Islamist leaders, and Islamist movements at the service of UK and USA imperialists, and recognises imperialism as the real human enemy, would never tolerate imperialists’ servants among the leftists. Uniting with them is considered as unity with imperialists.

Women’s power is not fighting for women’s rights, but against imperialism, and

their Islamist servants. Today the human problem is not only the conflict between labour and capital, but also the spreading of ignorance, wiping the history of civilisation and racist humiliation of humans in the east and Africa, which should also burn the bones of all bourgeois and nationalists.

We are not blocking the way of the Gentlemen who want to make a socialist revolution in the world. Please go on, we would also help you. And forgive us for interrupting your dreams. We thought your first enemy was also imperialism! How can you imagine the class struggle in the hell of social asphyxia and a society in claws of imperialist religion?

Won’t your illusions end in a mirage with you and your organization in the centre of it?

Women’s power with the outlook of struggling with Imperialism has entered

the battle .In this stage the communists struggle cannot be separate from anti imperialist and anti Islamist movements. If one day the countries one by one

Were changing their regimes and were establishing socialist governments, today we are witnessing all of them being under pressure applied to the by imperialism, beyond their tolerance threshold, and are changing their direction. The problem of socialism can only be solved through a total worldwide change at one go.  Therefore Women’s Power is asking all the Humans no matter from which class and layer on the earth, unite and get organised against Imperialism. The wishes of WP have come in the first articles. But concisely, the first stage is against UK and the USA and their Islamist servants.

WP is asking all the communists to think of activating this front and organising their anti Imperialist front and making a base in finding their future allies. This is the 99%World movement against imperialism.

 The acidee girls of Iran, the ones whose faces were wiped with acid by the Mullah the message of their revenge is on their face.  Their brave appearance without mask and glasses among the people is revealing the wicked nature of Mullahs.

They have not died so we get ashamed of our silence and will rip of the religious mask of imperialists, from the face of the UK and the new Green USA Mullahs.


Religion is a private matter and has no right to rule.

Long live the Anti imperialist opposition in Great Britain


www.farah-notash.com       Women’s power


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