Alarm … …

Alarm ... ...

The 3rd World War

             Farah Notash    Anti-imperialist front (for men and women)   Women’s Power    Vienna    4.5.2015

Yesterday in the anti –racist demonstration of African Jews from Ethiopia in Telaviv, many of them were injured by police in Rabin Square. Also many police officers were injured too.

This is a clear, fresh and true evidence of Zionist policy in the world. What has happened in Telaviv is the continuation of what is happening in different states of USA. The US Police kills young Afro-Americans without any punishment. The continuous Afro- American demonstrations, are still going on in different various states without any achievements. This is the racist internal policy in the USA and Israel.  The racist foreign Policy of Zion- Imperialism of USA is much harsher in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where it is implemented by Zion-Imperialists Thugs Armies of Daesh and Booko Haram

Also US’s Thug Army last week with Taliban captured Kunduzin north Afghanistan and established Islamic State there.  The state is near to southern Islamic countries of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, of the former USSR. And also with the possibility of attacking Russia and China.

So the US Zion-Imperialist is following the 3rd world war plan, step by step. And is digging its own grave.   

When the world demonstrated against US attack and invasion of Iraq in

2003, it was ignored. And the tragedy has gone on until today. So what is to

be done?

With an unavoidable war in front of us, how can we stop this sick maniac?

 It has already started. It is to be taken seriously.

The world must get prepared. Organize the anti imperialist unity. The governments should bring to the people the methods to prevent more damages. It is the time of 99% unity against Imperialism and their total servants in the world. The Victory is for the 99%.               Women’s Power


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