Happy 1st May 2015

Happy 1st May 2015

The international workers day

The worlds’ solidarity day against Zionism-led Imperialism.


         Let us abolish the theory of Green Belt round the earth. (Imperialist’s tool, imposing armies of thugs and Islamic states to enslave, humiliate, massacre  people, destroy and plunder the countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East.)  

         Let us abolish from the earth, the ominous existence of the war mongering imperialists with never ending greed, all their warehouses stuffed with Atom Bombs.

         Let us abolish the anti workers Mullah’s regime of Iran, the fundamentalists as UK servants and the Greens (Reformists), as the new servants of USA.

       Let us hope for a clear and glorious path of organizing one single nationwide Communist’s Parties in all the countries of the world, well armed with Marxism Leninism free from any eclectics. The true humanity rescuing ideology.       

         Let us hope for a bright path of purifying the workers struggling scene in the entire world, by revealing and excluding, many coloured servants of Zion-Imperialism.  

        Let us preserve forever the remembrance and memory of all in Blood-soaked Heroes, from all the parties and organizations defending the working class, who are sleeping in red tulip fields of the world (KILLED).

         Let the will of the true humans’ rescuers be powerful in Uniting and establishing a single communist Party in each land. The establishers of a future without Usurers‘Emperors.


World’s Anti-imperialist front (for men and women)

Farah Notash       Women’s Power         www.farah-notash.com

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