Atom bomb, Zionism leadership

Atom bomb, Zionism leadership

and erasing signs of civilization in the East.

Farah Notash      women’s Power (world anti-imperialist front) April 2015


With the heroic defence of the (USSR) Soviet Union’s Red army the German Nazi army was completely defeated in Stalingrad at 1943.

  With Hitler’s suicide on 30th of April 1945, and the Victory of allied forces all over Europe, the Second World War was finished by raising the USSR’s Red Flag on top of the Berlins Reichstag (Parliament). But the USA in a savage atomic bombardment of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, made an exhibition of power on 6th and 9th of August 1945. From that time there were basic changes in the interior and foreign policy of the USA.

In 1933 with the rise of Nazi Power in Germany, Albert Einstein, the German Jewish Physicist, did not return to Germany from the USA. He signed a letter written by a Hungarian Physicist in which it was suggested to Roosevelt to make an Atom Bomb. He signed it because he was afraid that the Nazis would make an Atom Bomb. Manhattan project with the findings on Nuclear energy and chain reactions made the Atom Bomb and Bombarded Hiroshima on the early morning of 6th of August and Nagasaki on the 9th. Albert Einstein regretted his signing, but it was too late.  

Since 1767 the US Freemason’s Lodge started being established with the Heritage of UK Freemasons and close connections to French and Italian Freemasons.  The majority of the US Presidents till today have been and are from masons. But after the bombardment of Japan Zionists believed they are the owners of USA and the world’s super power. This change contained the two-edged attacks. First the attacks to the countries with coup d‘Etat or invasions: the regime changes and imposing their own servants on other nations as kings, presidents and leaders. The Last one Abu-Bakr al Baghdadi of the Islamic State. The well known victims are Lumuba, Aliendeh and Mosadegh.

The second was the attack on the worlds’ communist Parties. Deforming them, and making them rotten from inside. This attack in the USA is called McCarthyism which continues till today. That contained discharge from jobs, surveillance, prosecuting and terrorizing the communists. The murders of Marilyn Monroe, the Kennedys, John Lennon and Martin Luther King are some of their actions too.

In other countries their servants had to apply the harshest dictatorship, imprisoning and executing the whole parties, penetrating right to the leadership of the parties and organizations and establishing mixed ideologies in the name of modernizing communism by buying some intellectuals. Instead of Leninism many shades of Trotskyism.

Theoricians as Henry Kissinger and Zbigniev Brzinski both came from Germany and Poland in their early youth in 1938 and went to the USA. They studied in Harvard and became two flying wings of the Zionist monster over the world. Hatred is a weak word, in connection to all the many-faceted conspiracy, Zionist servant Brzinski designed to make the collapse of the USSR. He as the follower of UK imperialisms theorist Helford Mackinder, in his book “Second Chance” gives the idea of how a unique organization could rule the world. The Unique Organization already exists and is trying to rule the world. When Netanyahu raises his index finger to US president, he is showing his awareness of the Zionists position in The USA. The Republicans and the US Congress Under their total command, and sometimes to hide their face and to control the Democrats they choose their servant president from them. Also their punishment is

terror if they do not obey and want going their own way, e.g. the Kennedy brothers. The Banks, the Zion- Imperialists, have complete authority over,

The media, the armed forces, the Pentagon, NATO, the FBI, NSA, CIA, nearly all the internet services, e.g. Facebook, twitter and...Hollywood, with conspiracy, attack and invasion, the antihuman policy of corrupt

Zion- Imperialism is applied to the world.

US Zion- Imperialism which openly is the Usurers’ Emperors. Although they are riding on a Galaxy wide stockpile of accumulated Users of the blood from the nation’s heart, but endless Jews are suffering poverty in Israel. Zionists have deceived them with lies and brought them to the beggar districts of Israel, simply to fight for them. The Jews from the Arab countries, Asia, and Africa are humiliated by the Ashkenazi Zionists in Israel and are kept under the Poverty line. They suffer under constant tension and trouble. They know they are misused as cheap warriors but have no money to get out of the mess and this false nation. They are suffering with no support in a pathetic situation. The only revenge against the Zionist Union (Ashkenazi Zionist racists) and their humiliation is not electing them. So Netanyahu is enjoying his position.

 The US Zion- Imperialists reached to the devilish peaks of power by having the Atomic Bomb, therefore they do not want to share this power, and want to prevent others from having the bomb. Imperialism dies in time of peace. Their favourite environment is tension and war. So they are the cause of waste of the world’s budget on the Arms Race. The other side of the coin is the world’s oppressed masses and Hunger.

When Fascism is denounced, no one understands that Germans are blamed. But if Zionism is denounced, the most usual attitude of Zionists servants is “why do you persecute poor Jews” and quickly they start a lament about

The Jews tragedy in the Second World War. And that you want them to be

killed again. No way, in the 2nd WW did any Zionist Banker or factory owner have even a bleeding nose, but the Nazi Zionists cooperated closely with Hitler to establish a new state, Israel. Hitler tortured and killed the Jews, because most of them refused to leave their home in Europe for Israel. And he never bombarded Palestine/Israel.

When Iran’s ignorant and crimeful regime is denounced no one argues, saying “why are you attacking Iran’s Muslim nation”. But when true nature of Zionists is revealed, the Zionist hand comes out of some sleeves with a stamp; Come this Anti Semitist is denying the Holocaust. And the others keep their looks down so that they will not be accused. Not only hidden dictatorship of Zionism, dismiss people from their Jobs and rule ... the place of conversation, but also the Zionist wage takers’ mission is to keep the Jewish mask, on the hideous Face of Zionism, equivalent to Fascism. The Jews alive or killed are misused. The Zionists although with Jewish background, are secular, but they hide themselves behind religious Jews, and misuse repeated commemoration of the Holocaust in a year.

Exactly like Iran’s regime, who hides itself behind prolonged mourning phase for the killed or dead Imams, and misuse the masses emotion.    

Why in this situation, is it really necessary to reveal Zionism?

Zionists are the designer, leader, manager of world Imperialism, which acts united and organized. And all the people of the world, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and all the others in the world, are the oppressed people in the clutch of this wild monster.

Like Fascists, they consider themselves, superior, more intelligent, more capable and more righteous. Therefore humiliating, killing people,

erasing the signs of civilisation, taking all the wealth of the world for

themselves is their right!! Making planes for a dark future and genocide is their plan. Today we are living in a stage, when the meaning of Zionism is more understandable than at any other time. If ten years ago the people of the world were worried about the life of Palestinians, now humanity has greater worry. These racists are carrying out the plans of massacre in, the Middle East, all Arabian countries, Iran, Asia, Africa, and getting in Ukraine to crush Russia. Their tools are lies, hypocrisy and conspiracy. Exactly like Iran’s regime. With tension as the base of its ruling.

On 12th of Feb 2015, the Media showed ISIS destroying ancient monument relief works of Babylonians in Iraq. On 12th of April again the Media showed ISIS using dynamite and exploding the other ancient works of the same oldest Civilisation in the world.

It is the old theory of the parts of the west connected to Zionism, who announce that Egypt and Greece were the start of world civilization and ignore the civilization in the east. Yet the civilization in the East is much older. Now their aim is absolutely clear. Their long term plan is the complete destruction of the East. The reason is that the East is built on oil mines. Therefore the extinction of the Eastern people is necessary for Zionism.

Some examples of the erasing of civilization in history are; the Burning Iran’s libraries (hand written books) by the Omar army, at the beginning of Islam. Imposing Arabic writing and language to Iranians.

The destruction of Inca and Azteque civilization by Spanish colonialists and imposing the Spanish language .In North America not only destruction but also nonstop films by Hollywood made to say how barbaric they were. The US funny Colombus celebration day is the evidence of this wild invasion. 

All the current destruction taking place in Iran by the Mullahs in Takhte

Jamshid, and by ISIS in Iraq, and imposing barbarity, is part of the green belt project of barbaric Zion -Imperialism and their rule over the world.

The humiliation of eastern nations by destroying of their historical Identity and injecting barbarian ideology makes the killing of the people easy and useful. This racist outlook can only come out of the Zionists toolkit.

The Greenbelt conspiracy which has made its harmonic colour in Iran, (reformists) is also Part of this new Zionist barbarism.

In Nigeria in 2014, 2000 women and school girls were stolen by Booko Haram and are now still being misused as sex slaves. We rarely hear Human rights activist supporting them!

Today all the emails and telephone calls are recorded by world public tools, Nets, and are given to the NASA. This is true slavery system, dominating, expanding and dreadful.  The people who want to cover the face of this Ugly Monster with the mask of Jew who are they?!

Today with the expansion of the public Media, which bring the people of the world closer together, all the Historical works and monuments are the human cultural heritage. And all belong to all the people of the world. But Imperialism due to the leadership of racist Zionism, are humiliating the races and destroying the evidence of their civilization to be able to destroy them too. Setting up Thugs armies and making their ruling possible, destroying the ancient monuments in these lands, is necessary for Zionist aims. Iran’s regime and ISIS are converging in destroying the ancient works and cultural heritage, which shows the unique aim of Zion- Imperialisms for the total destruction of Asia and Africa. Ignorance and harmful regimes reveal their aim.

Although cultural heritage seems to be still and lifeless objects and

monuments, they have great vital value in identifying nations historically.

Destroying them  is just terrorizing nations‘ historical personality, and nothing else. This terrorism is as destructive and harmful as sending a child to live in a desert alone. Our ancestors lives continue through culture that they left in our environments and our lands.  The destruction of art and cultural places, are attempt at murdering our ancestors within us. And the murder of our Cultural  identification is as painful as the massacre of people, even more. The value of human being is human culture, otherwise they will be considered as animals . Defending of cultural heritage is as important as defending children. When the ancestors of a person are insulted, the aim is to pulling him out of his root. In the Persian language there is a a very insulting swear ward which is Fungus, meaning rootless. A tree without roots falls. The roots are very important for stability. Extinction of the roots is a part of racist imperialists’ war against Asia and Africa. If their weapons are lies, hypocrisy and conspiracy, our weapons are purity and honesty.

Our struggle against imperialism has two sides. Struggling against them and getting to know and reveal their servants.   

The power and the holy money are tempting

Beg from Zionists, so you need no help from people!!!

The 99% need to rise in order to defend their human value and personality. We respect that against the poison of humiliation.

Isn’t establishing Jamkaran enough for humiliation Persians? A well in Ghom to throw money for Imam Zaman! And theMullas take it themselves from the other side. 

Isn’t the appearance of a new class and its expansion all over the world not a good enough reason for rising? Aren’t we metamorphosed? Are we well? The first step for our Unity is establishing an investigation and research

Comity with open report of the connections to Zionism.

Our First need is, throwing religion out of the world political scene.

The development of human common sense until now, guarantee for the respect of humans is the awarding of equal rights.  Zionism, Fascism, imperialism, and all the Islamic governments -never.     women’s power

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