Farkhondeh Campaign

Farkhondeh Campaign

Anti ignorance campaign


Farah Notash       Women’s power   World anti-imperialist front for men and women           March 2015

When the world was on the threshold of Nowruz, the March festivity of 2015, a young afghan student goes to the largest mosque in Kabul, to say to the Mullah not to write duas any more, and stop deceiving people. They are not effective (duas are prayers written by mullahs and sold to naive people who believe it will solve their problem.)

Mullah made a “row; come, come, come, she has burnt Koran”. An ignorant herd of Kabul thugs , joined the battle and beat Farkhondeh dreadfully, threw her down from the roof of the mosque, then drove a car over her, then set her on Fire, and while she was burning threw her into the waterless river bed.

She was accused of burning the Koran. No ashes and no rests were found in the area. And she was slandered by the Mullah and the shopkeepers, and killed for a crime never committed.

The wave of Koran- burning Slander was started several years ago in Pakistan and some women were killed for it. Now it has spread and reached Afghanistan. And the possibility for any individual to be killed by a gang for private motives becomes easy with a false slander. The collective rapes, with collective slanders and collective killings, are exposing the real face of reactionary regimes who are the propagators of ignorance in the area.

Farkhondeh “auspicious” stepped bravely on the stage of struggling against ignorance, and became a victim of ignorance. Not surprising that some wild brutal men passed this sentence, just as their fellows ate the soldiers’ heart in Syria, not to mention everything else that others did in different parts of the world! Imperialists in plundering the Asia and Africans’ mines are supporters of ignorance.

Printing and distribution of the Koran in large numbers is accomplished by UK Imperialist Mullah Regime in Iran, and by USA Sheik Regime in Saudi Arabia. And under this mask, in all the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf region, which has also recently become lawful in Iran, not only children are sex slaves but the most cruel and inhuman ways of ruling are applied.

Killing of Farkhondeh is a serious alarm, for any man or women can be attacked and killed by an ignorant gang of thugs on the basis of a false accusation. The social security of people is dreadfully in danger. After the rough dictatorship of regimes, now the individual bulling by entrapment under religious mask is being revived.

In struggling with the imperialist conspiracy, to spread ignorance in the world, the Farkhondeh campaign is born. The name of this young Afghan woman is an honour for this campaign.

The Farkhondeh campaign is against ignorance and its promoters and supporters, Imperialists and their servants in the world. Farkhondeh whose name means “auspicious” is really happy movement in fighting against the imperialist spread of dark ignorance in the world. The Farkhondeh Campaign is for men and women. It also remains us of the bravery of a young woman in struggling against ignorance. Let us be the promoters of the Farkhondeh Campaign... and not leave her alone. The splendid memory of Farkhondeh will live with us forever.

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