18 March

18 March

International day for Political prisoners

Farah Notash                    Women’s power                   Vienna March 2015

(Worlds anti-imperialist front for men and women)

In memory of the Paris communards 20 000 massacre, 30 000 imprisoned

life sentenced in prisons of France or exiled to the prisons of the French colonies in Africa under the most dreadful conditions.

All done by the horrible French bourgeoisie on March 1871.

In the respect and memory of those great men and women and children who gave their lives for justice, 18 March was named on 1922, by the Red aid, affiliated to the communist party of Germany,

                             International day for political prisoners.

Today we are facing a tremendous numbers of protesters, being jailed, tortured and killed by the misery causing imperialists and their known or hidden servants all over the world. Not only the blood is constantly running from prisons, but also nations are taken as hostages, prisoners and slaves.

The more humans sit back, the more they step forward and want more and more. Their sick unlimited eagerness is out of imagination.

Enslaving nations is not applied in a simple way. Harsh, rude, aggressive inhuman and taking the nation forcefully centuries back. In the name of armies of God. Killing people, destroying the lands, bringing misery and poverty, squashing human minds.

To day the largest prison of the world is Iran. Everywhere of it is prison. Plus, closed very small metal cubes, that prisoner can only stand in it. Some of the prisoners who could not bear it any longer, in the hot summer days, they smashed their heads on the metal walls and died. Or there have been some cells that the prisoners could only be half sited.

Ahmadi Nejad Iran’s ex president has shot 8000 prisoner in the head.

The last shot after executions in early mornings. The stories of Iran’s Prisons are not stories that when you hear each, you just cry or shout.

If human being hear about these cruelties cannot breathe properly, as if they carry swords’ wounds in the hearts.

The hatred is not enough as it comes to the quality of the word.

This enslaving regime is imposed on a nation who does not deserve such abuse and humiliation. Total Shiites manipulation has been since 1650 carried out by UK imperialist. Even the planner of 2009 coup of 2nd round president ship of Ahmadinejad was UK. Strongly against American reformists with green colour.

The newest wildest monster IS, made by US likud Republicans and Israel

Saudi and other Arab sheiks. Today they go further, the republicans are activating US senate to sign a agreement to make the US president absolute savant of congress. US Congress, who is mostly Zionists and together with the conservatives of UK imperialists is the world’s vampire, are destroying Asia and Africa. And eventually that will reach Europe. They have one aim in mind, to take human back to era of slavery. And have all the killing facilities for that. Human needs to wake up before is too late.

Imagine... one day when you open your eyes, find yourself alone among the ashes, and all your beloved people dead among the ashes...

So let’s get up and do something against it before is too late.

www.farah-notash.com  Women’s Power             

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