Ominous Netanyahu and the US Likud Congress

Ominous Netanyahu and the US Likud Congress

Farah Notash    Vienna March 2015

                                                  Women’s power (world anti-imperialist front for men and women)

Benjamin Netanyahu the Israel’s Zionist prime minister from the dreadful Likud Party, rises his right index finger in a ill-manner of members of the IS army of Thugs (its own product) in the USA Likud congress.

And the members of the US Likud Congress (as they are mostly Zionists they are Likud Congress!) not only clap their hands for him but also stand up.   Historical!!!       The metamorphosed maniacs.

But what he announces is that Iran regimes’ nuclear activities are threatening the world peace.  As if Israelis’ nuclear weapons with more than 300 nuclear head which are enough to destroy the life on the earth were not a danger for the world peace! Iran and Israel are the dreadful appendages, of the UK and USA. Not only are both dangers for human life on earth, but also both absolute insult for human honor and dignity. Both are extremely sick, corrupted, conservative regimes, which are cruel to their people. There are lots of Jews living under poverty line in Israel.

We 99%of the world people, need no weapon, especially of the nuclear type.

We demand the world total nuclear disarmament. We need our environments free from all kinds of pollutions. The radioactivity, explosions, leakage and nuclear rubbish. We do not choose to spend the budget of our lands for imperialists’ wars. Our budgets are for progress in peace. We need World Nuclear disarmament.

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