Aren’t we racist?

Aren’t we racist?

19th March2015     the International day against racism

Farah Notash            Women’s Power        Anti-imperialist front for men and women

Are we sure that we are not racist? Then why do we all keep quiet when the imperialists and their creations   all the political Islamists, massacre the people in Africa? Don’t we hear the events?

And while we are living in the global Internet Age, why do we wait for the imperialist media to report the news to us?

And if we are not racist, why are our reflex acts paralyzed in front of all sort s of inhuman activities which the imperialists do in Africa?

Even while hearing and seeing the news we feel no pain! What is wrong with us? Isn’t it clear for us, that everything in the world is our concern in the Internet Age? If we live in the north that does not mean we can shut our eyes over imperialists’ dreadful inhuman policies in the south. The Imperialists to possess the world’s mines are imposing harsh inhuman policies, such as all sort of political Islam.

Imperialists, more specifically the dreadful Republicans (the US Likud Party) and the UK conservatives are sending their ugly servants to Asian and African societies with a false stamp of God. That is going to ruin the whole world.  How do we feel when we hear thousands being massacred in Africa? Don’t we get bored?! We are ugly because we are racist.

Let’s be honest with ourselves, don’t we really need to thoroughly free our minds and feelings from racism?

The US Republicans party has the highest Zionist members, therefore is the US Likud Party!                                                                    

                                                                                        women’s power

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