To commemorate the US Coup in Iran

To commemorate the US Coup in Iran

19th August 1953


Farah Notash               Worlds Anti-imperialist front       Women’s Power

    Vienna 2015.08.11


After the recent Nuclear Agreement with Iran, still the final confirmation has to be given by the USA. However, the acceptance or refusal doesn’t change the grubby and evil essence of Imperialism, nor its general plan for capturing the world’s wealth. Now imperialism rules, by appointing its obedient servants (Neo- colonialism), which is Imperialism’s permanent and constant program under the domination of Zionism.

  It is important to remember Israel’s ruler Netanyahu is not speaking for the benefit and on behalf of the people living inside the Palestine/Israel borders, but as a spokesman of the hidden and active global Zionism at the peak of the pyramid of imperialism (Bilderberg). This is the peak which dictates the policy of the world to the head of the countries participating yearly, for three days in an underground location, called the Bilderberg conference.  At the peak of Imperialism, the eagerness of attacking Iran by nuclear weapons is flaming.

George W Bush (The son),  after sometime in his presidency, said:” I was planning to do such and such things when I become president, but then, I understood, the US president has no power and has to follow the plans.”

That applies to Obama too! Otherwise as the Kennedy brothers he would be assassinated.

Apart from nuclear weapons and energy, Atom Power is used in vast

spectrums of industry, agriculture, medicine, etc... With the great steps taken daily by new inventions, it will have a very high scientific value and

position in the future. 

We are encouraged to give up Nuclear Power altogether because of its danger. This is just like suggesting to ride donkeys in order to prevent airplane crashes! Or

Avoid eating sangak*, so that you don’t break your teeth!

(*Sangak: kind of delicious hand- made bread which is baked on pebbles in Iran, and sometimes the pebbles stick behind the bread and are removed!)

Every scientific achievement naturally has its phase of experiment before gaining complete human capability in using the new productive tool. And the brave humans have always been initiators of changes and evolution in the way we live. The conservatives are static and against social progress and evolution of the means of production.

The rule of imperialism over the world and human enslavement has only been possible by leaning completely on the most advanced technology. Therefore environmental protection, Islamism and donkey riding are granted to the nations under domination. Of course the Imperialists never cause environmental pollution by their nuclear weapons or nuclear garbage!!

The southern countries have to become deprived of nuclear energy and their initial industry, has to be destroyed by the US thug’s army the IS, at the first step of their invasion. Isn’t the simultaneous imposition of these two policies (destroying nuclear power and factories) fallowing a single goal? The total dependence on Imperialism due to lack of modern and up to date technology? The Imperialism, this psycho greed maniac, wants everything for itself. And its puppets, everywhere are its path smoother.

We will never forget the US Coup in Iran on 19th August 1953.

And we will always remember the mischief of UK puppet Mullahs, who burned the audience in the cinema Rex Abadan, in which 400 people out of 800 were burnt alive on 19th August 1978. To start of the process of the

Islamic Revolution.

Now the USA, with the excuse of the production of Atom Bombs, has forcefully opened Iran’s gates for itself to enter. But until he does not throw his dogs on men in prison as in Iraq, and turn the soil of Iran on to the head of population, it will not be satisfied. Iran is being passed on between the UK and US. And the 5th column of the UK together with the US puppets, are filling so many pages in rejecting nuclear activity. And how determined they are now to introduce Mullahs as US puppets! As we know UK domination over the shias has been revealed for centuries. 

Human honour entitles all the people to benefit from all scientific achievements on everywhere on the globe. And beating people on the chest and pushing them to the depth of the past millennia, not only deprives people of the latest scientific and technologic achievements, but is also a  mere insult to human honour. And standing up for human honour is the first pillar of being human.

Globally standing up against human humiliation by imperialism is our present duty.      Women’s Power                


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