Farah Notash                 World Anti-imperialist front       Women’s Power

Vienna 10.08.2015


                With love and respect in remembrance and memory of all the great working- class men and women from all the communist parties and organizations sleeping forever in blood, imprisoned and tortured in the world’s prisons. Especially the worlds Heroic communist Army Officers who after the USA’s Coup d’état in Iran on 19th August 1953 were imprisoned for life. Until 1979, when the people of Iran broke the doors of the Shah’s prisons and brought the prisoners out on their shoulders. This highly splendid and great love and revolutionary manner of the people of Iran, which was an honour for the world working-class, was soon ignored by the Mullahs. They again imprisoned, tortured and executed them in prisons.

            The 19th August 1953 is the day of the US Coup against the legal government of Dr Mohammad Msadegh elected by the people. That day was the base for the misery of Iran until today. 

            Imperialism, in order to extend its life, needs the people to be divided and scattered. But the working class needs unity to rescue the life of the humans and nature.

Honourable humans, to rescue your fellow human being from the claws of

the monster imperialism, light the torch of love and respect for the one and only great human family on the earth. And give your love and presence to the anti-imperialist front, which is the front of the 99%.

The nations in Asia, Africa and the Middle East are in the first line of

attack by UK-US imperialism. Next come Europe and the rest of the world

as a result of the misery imposed on the first line. Europe is following them

down in to poverty.

19th August is the day of commemoration of the US Coup in Iran on 1953.

Let Us make it the starting day of the struggle against the US and UK

Monsters and the beginning of a new phase in the fight against UK-US


Long live the Unity of the working –class and

anti-imperialist parties and

Organizations in Iran and the world.       Women’s Power


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