Coup in Tudeh party Iran

Coup in Tudeh party Iran

Farah Notash              World anti-imperialist front            Women’s Power

Vienna  Sep  2015

With reminiscence of the endless sorrow of Tudeh party’s unknown victims. The kicked children of three generations, who had to face a dark future with the agony of execution, imprisonment, dismissals, plundering and eventually the fall into the poverty of their parents.


When the leader of the Tudeh party, Nooredin Kianoory in an interview from Tehran’s Evin prison announced that Gorbachov and Yeltsin  were traitors to socialism and that they were disregarded 20 millions Bolshevik soldiers’ blood, the Gorbachov followers, here in Europe were implementing a coup in Tudeh Party Iran. - in total secret and quiet. 

They forcefully dismissed the new Tudeh Party’s leader from his position, Ali Khavari, a highly cultivated man, the nation’s hero, who was freed on the people’s shoulders during the revolution.

They started their ugly and miserable rule on the party, the website, and the members who were not aware of what was going on, under the name of the Leading Council. Rahe Tudeh with the Pyknet news giving site of the Tudeh party, split away. Now

 and then they write that our leader is Ali Khavari. Many of members and supporters have left the party.

This leading Council was the remnant of an US’s controlled process which brought down the Soviet Union. Now with after taking over Arani and Ruzbeh’s Party (Arani the founder of the first communist party of Iran 1941, Ruzbeh a Tudeh Parti hero), they started deceiving the nation of Iran.

This was the start of the US Zionist Congress idea, under the mask of Tudeh Party Iran’s until today. This Leading Council although with complete knowledge of its own ugly character, has been endeavouring to hide its face and essence, but from the beginning of its activity has followed and applied step by step its evil political goals.

The idea of Iran without atom technology, as we have witnessed, has been spread for many years by coup participants throughout the nation and the world.

Now that US Democrats and Republicans have clearly expressed their position on Iran’s nuclear activity, the dependence of the

coup makers on the US Republicans, the world’s evil centre, is clear and obvious.

The coup makers have taken the US Congress’s wish as the Tudeh party’s slogan to Iranian people. The Mullahs should have no atom technology.

Of course one could say to have clean healthy air, and avoid air pollution we suggest not to use cars anymore. From now on it is better to use horses and donkeys.

But as Iran without atom energy, is expressed beside the absolute silence in massacre of Palestinians in 2008 and 2009, their bonds to Zionism and Imperialism is completely obvious.

The slogan of, “ousting the Supreme leader religious regime” is clearly revealing their character. Wishing a secular regime, without class declaration. For the class which they defend, is not the working class any more, but the capitalists. Therefore 

Instead of saying “down with the Islamic capitalist regime”,

“Ousting the Supreme leader religious regime” is enough for them.

The Tudeh Party Iran had three main characteristics.

Anti imperialism, Anti Zionism and Anti capitalism. All three have vanished from the aims of the party. Now gradually the coup makers are moving towards the human rights flag.  

The Tudeh Party’s website and also the Peoples Letter, the organ of the Thudeh Party, now are passive, static, without revolutionary socialist emotion and goal.  Printing translations of the Russian Communist party’s leader is just for deceiving the masses.

Russian Communist Party, with its respect for Stalin’s ideas, is struggling. They look at Yeltsin and Gorbachov as the traitors of humanity. The coup makers, the Gorbachov followers, not only have no connection with them, but are also against them.

The coup makers have no connection to Putin either, as they are for USA. US wishes of invading Russia, through Ukraine, as well as Africa and the Middle East, has placed Russia against the USA. The Russian military campaign in Syria to fight against the US Islamic state is clear evidence for this claim.               

The coup makers are afraid of Mohamad Ali Amooie, the last remaining of Tudeh Party’s hero army officers, given life sentence during the shah regime, with 37 years in prisons of the Shah and Mullahs. They fear he could form a new central committee, so they have pre- emptively started to destroy his heroic reputation by writing insulting articles against on the Tudeh Party’s site.

Even for individual members who are unaware of the events, they try to ruin his heroic personality. It is clear that the layer surrounding the coup makers are not aware of the disaster forced on to the Tudeh Party Iran. They believe the party is a leftist party as in the past. The coup makers, by mixing all kinds of articles from here and there, have been able to hide their nature. But today these members and supporters are going to ask themselves, if it is worthy of them to be servants of the Zionist US Republicans, the world evil centre?

Although Gorbachov has criticised himself, he has no respect in Russia. 

But his followers in Tudeh party Iran, have been able to totally

Ruin, the Ruzbeh‘s party. (Ruzbeh a famous hero of Tudeh party.)

Evil Coup makers ...tell us what crime the poor oppressed Syrian nation committed, on whom your master is pouring all sorts of fire, and then we can also accompany you to serve him!

Down with you, as after Ali Khavari suffered 20 years of torture and imprisonment under the Shah, once again you American servents have held him captive.

 In the last few months, there has been large amount of criticism by Iran’s leftists’ parties and organizations against Tudeh Party for being a US poppet, but the coup makers have never answered as they are aware that they are guilty.

There is no such a thing as a people’s coup.

Coups are the lever of imperialism for invading and ruling.

All Coups, from the US coup in Iran in 1953, to Pinoshet’s coup in Chile, and  Iran’s gangs leader, the UK-USA  servant  Seid Ali Khamaneie  and his servant boy, Ahmadi Nejat, and finally the coup makers of Tudeh Party Iran , are all at the service of Imperialism.

All kinds of coups are indefensible.

These are the enemies of the Iranian people who have taken over the Tudeh Party by force, with the aim of deceiving the people of Iran against their benefits.


Down and eternal disgrace to all the dishonoured coup makers,

from the UK-USA servant the supreme religious leader of Iran, Khamaneie, to his ouster-coup makers in Tudeh Party Iran.             Women’s Power


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