Social imperialism and Russia

Social imperialism and Russia

  Farah Notash                   World's anti imperialist front            Women’s Power

Vienna 19th Nov 2015        

It will never help to deny the gradual diversion away from the socialist path in the former Soviet Union. The evidence is clear; otherwise the known traitors as Gorbachov and Yeltsin could have never risen to the foremost positions in the communist party and become the rulers of the USSR and Russia.

Even though many analytic books have been written about the collapse of the USSR, the book “SOCIALISM BETRAYED” (Behind the collapse of the Soviet Union, ... By, Roger Keeran and Thomas Kenny, from the US communist party and workers Union), provides documented facts about how the CIA had constantly played evil from the birth of USSR 1917, to cause the collapse at the end of 1991.

In hearing or reading terms such as Christian-Marxists or Islamist-Marxists,

the most natural reaction in the first instant is ...a loud “ Impossible”!

Combining two irreconcilable contradicting concepts, philosophically is not correct, and there is no solid fact and body behind it, as the combination of water and fire .The strongest side would finish the existence of the other side as soon as possible. Of course no one can tie the hands of anyone to stop them from writing, or using such expressions, which are meaningless and absurd. There is no reality behind them. Two concepts one from materialist world view, and the other from an idealist vision, cannot be joined to make a new concept. There are also two further combinations of the same kind in the

political literature, which both have the same unreal character.

Social imperialism and National Socialism.

  The phrase Social imperialism has two different political and academic

explanations. The political phrase is a Marxist expression and is applied to a person, party, government or a nation, who are socialist in word and imperialist in deeds. Social imperialism is typically used in a derogatory fashion. For the first time it was used in the Marxist circles against the Social Democrat party of Germany in the early 20th century, against its position towards the impending European war. They were pure imperialists, not even

social imperialists, left alone socialists, for they prevented Europe becoming socialist during and after the First World War.

Later Maoist critiques used the term against the Soviet Union, as Mao Zedong argued of that the Soviet Union was imperialist.

Then the Albanian communist leader Enver Hoxha used it against China, for the “Three Worlds Theory”.

The Academic discussion of social imperialism was continued by different philosophers. From Hans- Ulrich Wehler, a German Historian to British Marxist historian Timothy Mason, who even characterised Nazi Germany

as a barbaric form of social imperialism.

In regard to perversion of socialism in the USSR, no feature of imperialism or even similar characteristics has ever been recorded in its foreign policy. Among more than 1000 ugly and anti humanistic character of the imperialism, few will be mentioned here, but it should be enough for the honest readers , to see there has never been any similarity between the USSR and imperialism.

Some characters of the misery causing imperialism are:

Banks rule through Usury.

Imperialism enslaves nations by compound interest and escalating debt.

It is racist and insists on imposing an extremely humiliating foreign policy on to other nations, and their culture, destroying their monuments and the people’s value as human being.

It is monopolistic with endless greed.

It is a war maker which ignores the laws of the UN by using weapons of

 mass destruction and chemical weapons.

Is depends on an income gained through plundering.

It uses lies and a two faced policy to rule over nations through their governments and media, in order to enslave them, eg by creating  ISIS, training them, supporting them economically and by delivering all sort of weapons to them. The help of obedient servants as Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, and specific cooperation of Hollande the French president, will not be forgotten.

 None of these characteristics existed in the policy of the USSR.

It is only just and correct to remember and appreciate the true socialist

Solidarity,  help and support of the Soviet Union given to all the world’s progressive movements, liberation movements, or anti-colonial, as well as revolutions such as in Cuba, Palestine and Vietnam.

The bright honourable name given to the university in Moscow, the Lumumba University shows the true socialist step taken in the foreign policy towards African movements. Soviet Union was a great supporter of peace in the world.

In 1961 when J.F. Kennedy invaded Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, the Soviet Union

heroically supported Cuba against the USA’s attack. This will never be forgotten.

There is no solid fact behind Social Imperialism, it just pleases the critics and gives them tranquillity by using an insult. Using insults is not an intelligent way of criticizing, as it shows the lack of logic.

After the collapse of the USSR, the USA has become more aggressive in running the world. It is constantly planning how to destroy the lands, kill the people and take their wealth. All the imperialists are united and take their orders every year at the underground Bilderberg meeting. Today’s Russia is trying its best to prevent any conflicts, but the imperialists do not leave the world in peace.

Putin’s step in supporting Syria was a real humanist step, just as with soviet solidarity. Russia is not taking any payment for this one-sided help, unlike Sarcozy who took 36% 0f the oil sale for helping the Libyan opposition. Bringing the name of the Russia next to the USA as imperialist, and closing your eyes on the facts and calling yourself a super communist, is just absolutely disgusting and it is an attempt to white wash the USA. If you are a Communist you have to be fair and honest. (Although Zionists believe honesty in politics is stupidity! And in Europe most of the so called communist are fond of the Zionists.) You cannot just close your eyes and swear. Today’s Russia is not an Imperialist country. May be you think that if in the past it was called social imperialist, now that the social part has collapsed, so the remaining must be imperialist!

Look at Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq and for the past 5 years Syria. How criminally the USA has been destroying these lands and made it impossible to live there. The ISIS, US Islamist army is ruining Syria, killing, enslaving its people, selling their oil and making a land under the order of the USA. The hatred against the Islamist Thug army must not make us forget the main creator and supporter, The USA. What does the USA really wants from the people of the world. How many more decades will it benefit from it being the first producer of the Atom Bomb? When Hollande was mass murdering in Mali (the French „colony”) and filling the wells with the peoples bodies to prevent the people from fallowing the Islamist, then why did he go and approve the formation of an Islamist opposition government in Syria? The opposition government is the ISIS. So why is he playing the role of helpless, oppressed man. The approved opposition is responsible for the misery in Paris. The ISIS is not the planner of the chain explosions. (Or have they understood how cheated and misused they are?) The USA behind it is the full designer. Obama should stop playing the role of the innocent, unaware of the facts. Since 11th September 2001 the USA has been in Afghanistan. Their game on the twin towers to get into Afghanistan is not forgotten. What is it planning now for the people of the south?!

The USA is the cause of the mobilisation of the refugees. Well organised international smugglers are taking 7000 Euro from Afghan refugees and 5000 Euro per person from Syrian refugees to bring them through Turkey to Western Europe. And why does all this happens through Turkey?! And how many percent is for Turkey?

And again Turkey is asking Europe for 3 billion to stop refugees from coming to Europe!   And Turkey is just the servant of the USA!!!!

And the phrase National Socialism, whose the new followers are correctly called “Far right”, in the past to attract the workers, in competition with socialists and communists the Nazi capitalists had added social to nationalism. And everyone saw there was no worker left after 6-7 years to claim true socialism. They were all killed in wars and the government fallowing the Nazis had to invite Turkish workers! Socialism cannot be combined with Nationalism, which has interest in capitalism.

The purpose of opening the discussion is not to change the past but the present.

The foreign policy of Russia is more or less the same as the former USSR. The parties of Baath (socialist in Arabic language) in Iraq and in Syria had peaceful relationships with the Soviet Union. And the same is true now. 

Russia’s anti imperialist step in helping Syrians is appreciated.

What is the use of these theoretical arguments and criticism, without practical steps? Now that brave Russia is attempting to stop ISIS, instead of

appreciating this anti imperialistic action, you call them imperialist!


To the Communist party of Russia,

Under the subject of this article a documented book with the dates of the help the USSR gave to the countries and movements of the world is really necessary to have. Perhaps it would be possible and very helpful if that respectable party could publish such a book.

With revolutionary salute



From the website

Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members
 | 16 Oct. 2015 | President Vladimir Putin says he's shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic State financing with his G20 colleagues: the terrorists appear to be financed from 40 countries, including some G20 member states. During the summit, "I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) [but still I-CIA-SIS] units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them," Putin told the journalists.


US created Daesh terrorists: GOP presidential candidate Santorum | 15 Nov 2015 | Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has blamed the United States for the creation of Daesh (ISIL) [I-CIA-SIS], after the terrorist group claimed responsibility for the Paris attacks. At least 129 people were killed in multiple coordinated attacks on Friday night in one of the deadliest assaults to hit the French capital since the World War II. Some 352 were also injured -- including 99 who are in critical condition -- in the attacks...ISIL terrorists, who were initially trained by the CIA in Jordan in 2012 to destabilize the Syrian government, now control parts of Syria and Iraq.

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