Imperialism, Russia … China

Imperialism, Russia ... China

And the attack of the hyenas

Farah Notash              World’s Anti -imperialist front       Women’s Power

Vienna Dec 2015


Several years ago, one of the deep, meaningful slogans heard from Persian people was:

Khomeini  ... Breaker of the idols

Break yourself ... you have become an idol

Worshiping an idol and choosing a leader for total devotion causes stagnation in the consciousness of the masses and the blind acceptance of all the opinions of one man. This is very destructive and problematic for two essential reasons.

First, it humiliates the public by giving them a guru to lean on, as he will think for them and turn them in to zombies.

Second, personality cult and an idol worshiping , imposing one man’s opinions on society for an unlimited time, not only breaks human values , but also is an absolute obstacle for growth and development of  human society. 

Mullah Janati from Iran’s Guard Council: “the people don’t understand anything, they need a guardian”.

The head of Iran’s Judiciary branch: “There is nothing in constitution to control the leader”.  14.12.2015

And yet the main article No 111 of Iran’s constitution, is precisely for constant control of the leader.

In 6 full months in Zurich library, Lenin, the discoverer of imperialism, researched the process and the manner of the imperialist’s activities through documents and newspapers and presented them with statistics and numbers. He studied the phase of capital export in his book “Imperialism the highest stage of capitalism”.

The language of Marxism is far removed from illusions, hesitations and speculation. It is based on facts and realities of the past and present, looking for laws of history and searching for the truth of the future.

A Persian poem says:

                                   Reasons need logical strength

                  No bulging neck veins... in approval strength

Let us suppose a research based on Lenin’s Marxist Method was carried out to study the Development Bank, which was founded by the group of BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa). Then if such a research proved, on the basis of figures and statistics, that Russia and China, used compound interest in order to enslave the nations of the world, then their imperialistic character would have to be accepted. And every one would know that Russia and china are the two enemies of the working class. Otherwise all labels are invalid and have to be cancelled. On other side the misuse of a term with proved specific political and philosophical value, not only is incorrect but also a cause for the confusion of the masses.  

Also it is not fair to leave the exploited people of the world alone and supportless in front of the criminal imperialist.  The BRICS group in order to offer better terms of exchange than the EU and USA, founded this bank. The BRICS group believe this bank is a supporter and promoter of the economies of developing countries and is a power for world peace.

In 1996, “The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation”, with security, economic and cultural aims was founded by Russia, China, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan and Kazakhstan. It has been active since 2002. I n 2005 the first joint military operation army under the name of “Peace Manoeuvre” by Russia and China was carried out. The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation has asked the USA to take out all its army bases and forces from the lands of all the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation members’ countries. And after this request, Kirghizstan officially asked the USA to prepare and announce a program of taking out its army forces and

closing its army bases as soon as possible.

Naturally, while the tool of transaction and dealing, whether with services or production is money, the need of society to banks is inevitable. But the bank’s duty is not to enslave the people and rule. And by exiting the imperialists’ bank domination system, they become a weapon against imperialism. The problems is compound interest and not the

till or cashier providing money for healthy and humanist use.

It is clear that until societies reach the high stage of quality of communism, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need”, the existence of money and banks will be a necessity. And until a research with reliable documents on the activities of this particular bank, or other banks in Russia and China has not been presented, how can one label Russia and China as imperialists? And besides call that Marxist language!

But many respectable comrades keep saying about the socialist parties:  Socialists since the First World War have always been traitors. There again it ought to be expressed by using Marxist language, which deduces facts through research of the realities of past and present. As the Lenin’s book “Renegade Kautsky”. Even if there is only one exception, we cannot use the wards “all and always”.

Wasn’t Allende Chile’s president a socialist, who struggled against imperialist Coup and last his own life in that struggle? Can we ignore his unblemished friendship and cooperation with Chile’s communist party? The tradition of anti imperialist struggle in Latin American countries is carried out by socialist parties. What was the problem of the USA with Hugo Chavez, the ex Venezuela president?

Why is the USA always causing so many problems for Nicolas Madura

the elected socialist president of Venezuela? They are the followers of Simon Bolivar the anti Colonial leader of Venezuela and Latin America. Latin American countries with each other help, are gradually freeing themselves from imperialists’ domination. Now it has been 4 years since Ecuador Embassy in London has proudly protected the founder of Wiki licks, Julian Assange as refugee. Aren’t the struggle of the government and the nation of the Ecuador, from within their embassy in the oldest imperialist country of the world, the UK, an admirable anti-imperialist stance?

The most obstinate enemy of the working class is world imperialism. And any party and organization which struggles against with the imperialism is a friend of the working class and not one of the enemies

Weakening the anti imperialist front is not in the benefit of the working class.

Today the most important part of the struggle of the world’s people against war mongering imperialism is not conducted by communists alone.

 The world’s three known heroes have not announced themselves as communist or socialists. They are rescuing human life on earth from mischief US imperialism. They, for broadly revealing the US conspiracy, have put their own being and lives in danger.

The broad field of world anti imperialist front is colourful, admirable and full of hope. The heroes as Julian Assange (refugee for four years in Ecuador embassy in London), Edward Snowden (for past two years refugee in Russia) and Bradley Manning (Chelsea) for past 3 years in an ordinary criminal prison of the USA, with a life sentence. Let us wish them path full of young followers, with their torch always alight. Plus millions of unknown heroes who are fighting, and being killed in the battle against the imperialists thugs army, ISIS.

The communist forces only by uniting can have the ability to take part in

the changing of the world. At the moment their forces are scattered and very week. In this era, today’s humanity, under pressure of wars and cruel imperialist conspiracies, cannot wait until the communists unite and get organized to lead it, and has no other choice than finding its own way to fight. The realities force humanity to expand the field of its anti imperialist allies. Although some of the socialist parties are far away from the original goals and their policy is in harmony with the World Bank prescriptions,( eg French socialist Party), a few positive steps taken by some socialist parties towards human benefit should not be ignored.

(eg, the vote of the British labour party against David Cameron’s decision to attack ISIS in Syria together with the French socialist government.)

The socialists are not all the same, have many different shades of colours.

        And finally, regarding the opposition in China and Russia, let us not forget that more than 1000 NGO groups including Human rights activists were organized by CIA to cause the collapse of the in USSR.

Now the same policy is being pursued


      - When the savage cruelty of the US imperialist has reached its limit, it now tries to gain the honour lost through the terror of innocent, poor people in France, by making the self created terrorist to kill the Saint Bernardino’s  disabled people , ( just like the massacre of 30 children with refractory illness in the occupied lands by ISIS 3 days ago). To gets free of government’s coasts and also allows the US claim that they are in danger of terrorism too!

      - When imperialism sends millions of illegal, Amphetamin psychoactive tablets for distribution among the ISIS killers to keep the monster killing the exploited people,

      - When the US monster imperialist plays innocent and starts blaming

The EU states for economically supporting ISIS by buying cheap oil sold

through Turkey,    

         - When the US’s uncultured servants, Saudi  kings, destroy the earth by planting their uncultivated salafi brutality, as the terrorist ISIS, and today is the alledged organizer of coalition of 34 Islamic country against terrorism!,

        - When the hyena imperialists shamelessly, in the name of struggling against terrorism, without the permission of the legal government of Syria , break  in to the sky of Syria, to finish what their thugs army ISIS has not finished, and this invasion of hyenas can be the cause of an atomic war in the world,

...The need of today’s anti Imperialist struggle is unity against imperialism and strengthening the world‘s anti imperialist front.

The sickness of imperialism has no cure and is getting worse every day.

Only its death would rescue humanity.


And we will be victorious.           Women’s Power

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