Refugee children disappear in Europe

Refugee children disappear in Europe

Farah Notash               World’s Anti-imperialist front          Women’s Power

                                                       Vienna 2nd Feb 2016

The numbers of disappeared refugee children estimated by the European Police (Interpol) are 10,000.

5,000 children are missing in Italy. 1000 children are missing in Sweden and the rest in other EU countries.

58,000 unaccompanied children under the age of 18 years are under the supervision of governmental organisations and families in Germany.

These numbers refer to the children whose identifications have been registered at their arrival in Europe.

The EU police is afraid of them being misused for prostitution and slavery by Mafia groups.

And of course the body organs of these unprotected, defenceless children also will mean enormous wind falls for the criminals.

In the grip of the Turkish Mafia, the Syrian women and children refugee in Turkey were enslaved, stamped and wildly sexually abused. 

And now the children disappearing in Europe, is not just one alarming bell, but the hopeless outburst of all the worlds bells.

The hidden cry of the human beings

Is there any one among you people of the world, who knows when and where

lies the limit to the USA imposed crimes?

For many years the photo of the missing English little girl Madeleine, together with her upset parents’ picture has been printed in the newspapers all over Europe.

But the refugee children have no name, no parents; they are only numbers, just on the list of missing refugees.

Who is crying for these enslaved children in the grip of criminals?

What have the Syrian people done, that there is no end to the aggression on their country, home and even their children?

Where should we take our cries?

When the newspapers printed the US soldier’s boot squashing a Vietnamese woman’s face, who was crying with pain, this aggravated hatred towards Americans. Now is the era of a US new game, creating the Daaesh (ISIS) thugs army, and leading proxy wars. Although the US attempts to hide in the shadow of ISIS, its ugly and mischievous face is known to the people of the world. That is why is playing constant games to hide its face.

On 23rd Dec 2015 New York Times in an article full of lies, tried to convince the reader that “Daaesh (ISIS) is the afterlife of Sadam Hussein’s regime”.

They pull Sadam Hussein out of his grave to hide all the US Imperialists’ dirty activities, to bring to destruction and demolish nations by using its Evil   Triangle (Israel, turkey and Saudi Arabia) to produce  and use armies such as Daaesh (ISIS) in the Middle East , Africa and the rest of the world.  And they want to hide the facts behind Sadam’s corpse.

The USA wants to hide everything it is imposing on the world today, based on “Theory of the Second Chance “created by White Houses theoricians, and dictated to prolong the life of the old crafty imperialism.

Taking over all the worlds’ mines is the aim of the USA. And taking the nations back to drown them in the world of absolute ignorance is a duty dictated to Daaesh and all the other Islamist movements.

And interestingly enough the Islamic Republic of Iran’s foreign minster the day after, expressed: Daaesh is the result of the USA attacking Iraq in 2003.

Of course a few days later as a reaction to the USAs new Visa rule, he rescued himself a bit by saying: Then I will make a terrorist list and the first will be CIA.

No ...Zionist Newyork Times,... the creation of Daaesh and all the other 169 groups as the oppositions of Syria are not the result, but the continuation of the 2003 attack of the USA and is related to the avidity and megalomania of the USA. And you cannot buy honour for US Imperialism by pulling Sadam out of grave, as the people of the world, with thousands of photos, facts and reasons are aware of the truth.

Today the sharp edge of humiliation blade is on the artery of Afghan refugees, with the very high rate of 30% illiterate, who have never gone to school. This is the result of constant destabilisation caused by the USA in Afghanistan over more than four decades. Schools, Markets, everywhere, are blown up every day in Afghanistan and Iraq by Taliban and other US products.

And Daaesh (ISIS)

is the pre-death life of the USA Imperialism.              Women’s Power

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