Deal with Turkey?

Deal with Turkey?

Farah Notash World’s Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

Vienna 18 Mar 2016


Although in the silence of the ceasefire in Syria, some articles were written and published by some political literature prostitutes, condemning Putin as the source and the cause of the refugee storm towards the EU, but the causes and facts are crystal clear and have still not gone now, as the Geneva negotiations are starting.

With the expansion of the USA-UK imperialists’ conspiracy, Neo-Colonial plans of producing all kinds of Islamists, whether Shia or Salaffi Sunnies in the world, the blood stream of the refugees started running towards the Europe. Like any other stream, unorganized attempts to block it will not succeed and only will accumulate and then break through the barrier, causing flood.

The East and Africa are moving to the West as refugees from the imposed hell of Islamists. That is all!!!

Until now, the stage directors of the battlefield have been the USA and UK imperialists. They have been killing people, through their proxy Islamist army, assaulting people and making them homeless, and making them give up fighting and run away.

If Europe stops them midway, it has joined the corrupt cruel gang .

On the other hand every country has a limited amount of possibilities, enough for the need of their own nation, and provided that their leaders are not corrupt. The EU has not been able yet, to give a similar standard of living to all its country members.

You cannot stop any bleeding permanently by thickening the bandage and dressing. The only treatment is to remove the cause of the bleeding.

The corrupt Turkish regime is the real part and the active tool of the US tormentors and the real cause of the bleeding stream of the refugees. That Islamist government is only going to double-deal. The US plans and orders, Saudi Arabia and Turkey obey. The large number of European youth were brainwashed for the IS army, through European mosques under the command of Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Europe has been misused for US greed. The absorbed youth were trained in Turkey by US officers and were send to kill the people in different lands. Now Hollywood US Politicians are acting as if they did not know anything about it. And they try to deceive the people of the world in their coalition against IS. The US foreign minister John Kerry, on 17th Mar 2016, announced that he believes ISIS has committed Genocide. Who are you fooling? They are your own production and have obeyed your orders. Now that you have lost the war after 5 years of proxy war, you accuse them of Genocide?! And NATO general secretary, Jevis Stoltenberg, many times a day gargles that the problem of Syria can only be solved if the land, like ex Yugoslavia, is chopped up into many small pieces. That means now that the USA was not able to have all the land through its Islamic State, now wants at least some parts of it under their ISIS rule.

The government of Turkey is a bandit. It runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds. The EU needs to be the initiative and be creative. By now it should be clear for the EU that the USA is not an honest partner in NATO. The USA is destroying the East and Africa and misery is what is left for the EU.

The nonstop stream of refugees, before they can become sources of working

power, are going to be sources of poverty and multiple problems, as IS

members are sent for further actions in Europe.

What is to be done?

Two different orders of steps are facing the EU. Urgent and long term steps.

Urgent steps

- To promote peace in the world.

- Instead of dealing with Turkey, directly and immediately to get in touch, with the governments of the refugees countries of origin and to start helping them to establish human conditions in those countries.

- To get out of NATO

- To break the partnership with the USA

- To stop all the political activities of the mosques.

- To close down all the illegal basement, garage and yard mosques.

- To stop all kinds of reactionary activities, from the Hijab to Islamic kinder gardens run by US Islamists in Europe.

- No one is disrespecting the religion of other people, but these people have chosen the wrong country to live in, they should be sent to Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

The long term steps

-The USA must be brought down from world leadership. Status it would be much better for the EU to plan the future with Russia.

-The European educated intellectuals are willing to help the people under pressure in Asia and Africa. They need to be organized in medical, cultural, technical , etc groups and be officially sent to help the people in south.

Misery does not care for any borders. It floats every where. The humans on the earth are one family, they all like to help one another, let us make it possible for them.

In the human society of today, a deep Anti –imperialist Salute, thankfulness and gratitude are given to the Russian Nation and President Putin for their great help to the people of Syria in the fight against most reactionary force of the history, the US ISIS.

The Resistance and Defence of the Syrian Army and President Bashar Asad against the Islamic State is also highly appreciated

In Geneva’s Syrian Peace conference , EU will serve justice if it keeps the side of the people of Syria and not the US ISIS. One country with one government.

Down with the US-UK conspiracy.

Down with all religious governments and movements. Women’s Power

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