Syria… pain without cry

Syria... pain without cry

Turkey and USA

Farah Notash              World’s Anti-imperialist front           women’s Power

Vienna 7th Apr 2016

With deepest sympathy towards the sorrow of all the humans wounded by

the imperialists conspiracy all over the world. Now the question is to these imperialists: What have Syrian people done, that they have been so cruelly condemned to death, toil and extinction? Tell the world what crime they have committed, so that everyone knows. 

Every day the hurtful news about the people of Syria, is reaching the world constantly and shows clearly the continues life– destroying pain imposed on the tolerant and respectable people of Syria. And why does this hostility not come to an end? It only changes colour every day. The pain of Syria is the world’s pain, who cries with Syria in the silence, and the flames of the rise of hatred for imperialism, which goes beyond the ability of words to express.

Why is the right of life for the people of Syria withheld just as much as for the people of Palestine?

With attention to the lava of calamities, that colonialists have poured on the head of this nation, there has been this expectation, that in accepting of the refugees, due to acute and critical living conditions in Syria, in the last 5 years since 2011, the priority would be given to the Syrian refugees.  Astonishing enough, not only has this not been so, but amazingly the opposite has been true.   

According to the statistics of the charity organisation of Oxfam, over refugees crisis, before the Geneva negotiations in Jan 2016, to only 1.4%

of the Syrian refugees have been helped to enter EU. The rest are living in extremely difficult conditions in Turkey, Jordan and in Lebanon.

The convention of 1951 is based on help and admission of refugees, with 28 state signatures, which today the number has raised to 130 signatures, but only 67000 Syrian refugees have been admitted. 

The Amnesty international organization says “Turkey has forced thousands of refugees to go back to their countries. And this organization has declared Turkey’s action as illegal according to the international low. According to this organization’s research on the Turkey-Syrian border, since mid January this year, Turkey has forced 100 refugees daily back to Syria. According to the recent EU-Turkey agreement, the refugees who are entering from Turkey to Greece, if their applications was not admitted,

would be sent back to turkey. And this organization does not see the Turkey as a safe place for sending back the refugees.  

It is necessary to mention that, the refugees whose feet reach the border of Europe, just for opening the path, at the beginning have to give all their belongings, 5-7000 euro to international smugglers. And that is much more than their belonging. So what does it mean returning them back with empty hands? This dreadful pick-pocketing from international human smugglers to the Islamist government of Turkey has in silence dragged humans to the frightful valley of nonexistence.

The hungry children, women and men, wandering, homeless with wounds in their feet and hearts from all these calamities.

The brave Syrian army is taking back the towns one after the other from the US Islamist army, ISIS, but the silence of the media, is showing their level of warmth as below freezing.

Robert Fisk the English analyser from the Independent daily paper, writing about the liberation of the ancient town of Palmira by the army of the Syrian government and the silence of some western courtiers, says: “  less than a week after ISIS destroyed the lives of more than 30 innocent human beings in Brussels we should have been clapping our hands at [the liberation of Palmyra].But no [...] Messers Obama and Cameron were as silent as [ a ] grave.”

The USA is revenging the victory of the Syrian army against ISIS by attacking Putin with no documental proof.



#PanamaPapers Putin attack was produced by OCCRP which targets Russia & former USSR and was funded by USAIWikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks  23 Std.Vor 23 Stunden

          Also with a reverse publicity for its bankrupt banks, it is trying to say the only safe country to rescue savings is the US.

The sanctions against Iran coincided with the start of Erdoghan’s premiership in Turkey. To get round the sanctions, Iran bought everything it needed for double price from Turkey. This caused great economic changes in Turkey. Erdoghan made the Turkish masses understand, through the mosques, that this economical prosperity, was due to his prudence and skills. And his consecutive victory in elections made Turkey a parading ground for a maniac dictator with dreams of being Sultan Suleiman, who has been the walking stick of the USA, together with Israel and Saudi Arabia. He together with his greedy and opportunistic wife and his sons has ruined Syria for his own benefit.  

(his wife is promoting  the harem system, the slavery house of women in feudalist period to the world of today, imagining she is the harems first lady . she has presented the harem as a school.)

Erdoghan  has participated in the training of ISIS, sending them to Syria for killing the people, to oppress the Kurds, to loot Syrian oil, and sell it through oil companies newly established by his sons. He has made high beneficial refugee deals with the international smugglers and the EU, and changed the constitutional laws of Turkey to his own benefit. And as US servant to keep the world dangerously convulsive, he threw a missile on to the Russian Fighter-Plane.

Recently Azerbaijan attacked Negorno  KarabaKh. The presence of Turkish officers training Azerbaijan army, is the clear evidence of Erdoghan’s role.  Now everything is changing and it is the time for his and his family’s collapse. 

The USA has used him everywhere as its own house servant. Now is talking with him as accuser, as if it was not the USA who sent him to Cuba, to call for building a mosque there, or opening the new conspiracy centre, the large new mosque in USA in the suburbs of Washington last week, clearly run by the CIA, that will ruin the east and Africa in future.

In this large imperialist world show, the super-Satan USA, to rescue its own position, is trying to give itself a positive image. To deceive the people of the world, it is playing an Anti-ISIS role and wants to bomb the ISIS forces in a coalition of the imperialists. But until now it has only bombed the Iraqi army or anti -ISIS forces instead of ISIS. Its entrance to Syria without an invitation from the Syrian government, the presence of its forces, the increase of its forces, are all an illegal  invasion of the boundries of Syria.

Wipe out and extinguish the US imperialist invader

Women’s Power

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