Claim for US compensation owed to the nations

Claim for US compensation owed to the nations

Part 1: Iran

Farah Notash                    World‘s Anti Imperialist front   Women’s power

Vienna 23rd April 2016

          After Second World War and misuse of atom bomb by USA, it started interfering in politics of all countries. This petition covers the USA intervention in Iran since 1953.

           It is absolutely obvious that the courts and Supreme courts of all the countries are only responsible for judgments over the inner problems of their lands. The Interference with the arguments and fights between the states are outside the area of their responsibilities, it is illegal and comes under the duties of the international courts and the United Nation.   

On 20th April 2016 the US Supreme Court under the command of the US Zionist Congress, announced that US Courts are allowed to take compensation from the blocked assets of Iran in the USA, for all the victims due to Iran’s Regime’s terrorist activities. The Supreme Court of the USA has taken an illegal step; this case is totally outside the area of its responsibility. It is not allowed to interfere and give out any order. Any decree from this court over this case is wrong, not executable and not acceptable.

In 1983 in Beirut,  241 US Marine were killed and in , the same year, bombing victims of the US Embassy, and other attacks until 1996, the hostages of the Spying nest and coup planner of USA in Iran (the US Embassy) and  other US activist in the spying field are part of the victims list.

It was Just last month that the USA revealed the panama list to counter the bad policy and ensure the safety and the security of the US banks in crisis. But this unsafeness of the US banks have already revealed too. Due to the US policy, there is not a chance for any sum of money which goes in to the USA, to come out again!

After the 1983 attack in Beirut, in 1984 the US withdrew all their military troops from Lebanon. And why did it go there in the first place? And also the question is for today: what are the US military doing in Syria? They have no invitation from the legal Syrian state? The people of any land will react to the presence of foreign armies in their land. Doesn’t the USA know that? Or does it consider itself to be privileged to go everywhere and do everything it wants?!   

The US Supreme Court is not in a position to discuss with. As in the first place, it is not responsible for this case and secondly they are employed to support the interest of US Imperialists and not of justice, as it is visible with this daylight robbery. The clear evidence is the one-sided judgment it has made over this case, without hearing the other side’s points of view.

The People of Iran in the revolution of 1978, which was against the US law of capitulation (which gave rights to Americans living  in Iran not to be judged by Iranian courts for their crimes),  threw the Shah out of Iran. And in September 1979 they closed the US Conspiracy nest (US embassy), which nowhere acts as an embassy, but as a secret place of planning mischief, such as coups ..., against nations.

Iran’s people are not going to allow it to happen again. The US imperialists should know, that breaking limits is not allowed. And there are people who, between death and life of humiliation, definitely choose death.    

But here and now

We are calling the honest people of the world to estimate the compensation the US government must pay the Nation of Iran, although neither Islamic regime of Iran, nor the Lebanese Hezbollah have ever admitted to the terror activities they are blamed for.

The US compensation for the Persian Nation comes Under different categories and different years.

­          -soper t ectuals ion of USA regime to Persian Nation comes Under 3 catagouries Thousands of Iran’s opposition members, the intellectual elites, the most brilliant people of the Iranian Nation have been killed in Iran’s prisons since the US 1953 coup in Tehran: 25 years of Shah Regime and 38 years of Mullah Regime. The constant bleeding prisons of Iran have been like slaughterhouses since the US coupe.

          -The huge numbers of people in Iran as relatives of the prisoners, friends, working mates or aware members of society, are in constant suffering due to this shameless and inhuman injustice applied after the US coup.

          -The vast numbers of Iranian people were imprisoned, terribly badly tortured and kept in most inhuman horrible conditions for life sentences or other long prison sentences, after the US Coupe in Iran: during the 25 year of Shah Regime and 38 years of Mullah Regime.

          -The huge numbers of people in Iran as relatives of the prisoners, friends, working mates or aware members of society, are in constant suffering due to this shameless and inhuman injustice applied after the US coup.

          -Many children were born in prisons, many children met their parents only behind the double bars of prisons at a one meter distance, many children saw their grandmothers only wearing black , as their

children were shot to death one after another in prisons, one year after another, after the US coup in Iran, And there hasn’t been a talk of their lifelong misery yet. The writer of this declaration is one of those children.  


          -The entire nation suffered due to the extremely unjust economic policy, social asphyxia due to dictatorship of the corrupt regimes. The Nations progress was stopped and it is forced to go backwards. The majority of this Nation were born in misery, lived in misery and died in the misery the USA imposed on them.

         -The war imposed on the country in 1980, was due to USA encouraging Sadam Hussein to attack Iran, and with the support of USA went on for 8 years.

-                The Peace in 1988 was imposed by shooting of an Iran’s Air bus from US warship in the Persian Gulf, killing more than 200 passengers to make Iran to sign the UN 598 peace agreement.

-                 There were more than 500 000 dead, 400 000 disabled, and many missing , due to that  Imposed war.

-                And there hasn’t been any talk yet over the endless ruined towns and villages and vast number of homeless, jobless people drowned in poverty, spreading around,  with the  shadow of great misery imposed by the USA on their lives. 

         The USA never apologized nor paid any compensation for all these miseries it made for the Iranian Nation.

          -The latest misery it made was the recently imposed nuclear agreement, with its most disgraceful and humiliating clauses and which, Iran’s government accepted it as wanted to prevent war, which according to the US president was always on the table! Accepting such a agreement is disgrace for Iranian Nation. But the US Zionist congress is yelling hysterically war...war...war. Yes nothing makes these barbarians as happy as a war.

The US racist Zionist Regime who demands compensation for its 241 soldiers and does not pay any compensation for the years of misery it has imposed on a Victim as large as Iranian Nation, is not aware of the rising hatred against it every day.

The more Iran’s government steps back, the more the USA wants. There is no limit for its iniquity and rascality. Every day it is written somewhere the USA has said Iran is allowed or not allowed to do this or that. Stop pushing hatful imperialism forward. The Iranian people are well capable of rub your nose in to the soil (a Persian expression for winning). Just like Vietnamese people.  Its servants such as Erdoghan and Saudis, who carry out its orders by destroying Syria, just like twin towers on the 11 Septembers, are working hand in hand with their masters in

destroying human life on earth.

Whether Zionist republicans or Imperialist democrats their devilish foreign policy is exactly the same, both are planters of misery. Barak Obama blocks Iran’s assests and republicans do the rubbery. That is how the imperialists earn their living.  

More than 200 billion dollars is just the cost of superficial damages in Syria till March 2016, without any talk of the human damage. Because the USA wants to change the World for the sake of its greedy wishes.  

The USA is asking: Although the economic income of the ISIS is diminished but they are still fighting. Yes, because you are supplying them with arms.

The latest NATO announcement: ISIS will probably make a nuclear attack on Europe.  Congratulations! That is what USA wishes.

Europe is damaged by USs servants, Erdoghan and the Saudis, by brain washing European Moslems and youth through the mosques. This started several years ago. Now NATO announces their nuclear attack on Europe!

For many years, the world’s political intellectuals have been saying that the 11 September attack was a USA plan to enter Afghanistan. Now the Zionist US Congress, in 25 pages, is giving out the details of how Riyadh (Saudis) had taken part in the 11 September attack. As if Riyadh had enough personality to drink water without the orders of the White House!

Last year the USA made the new Visa law against Iran, to condemn Iran for participation in the 11 September attack! Now 25 pages are showing Riyadh. But behind Riyadh is the main terrorist, the USA.

Now the world knows the ISIS, is the Islamist army of the USA, who is going to destroy Europe with nuclear weapons.


Wiping the USA and UK imperialists off the face of the earth is the most urgent step for humanity.               Women’s Power


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