Tribunal for the USA,Dissolution of Autonomous Kurdistan,the Middle-East governments and Iran’s single opposition

Tribunal for the USA, Dissolution of Autonomous Kurdistan, the Middle-East governments and Iran’s single opposition

Farah Notash World anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

Vienna 25th October 2017


The 2003 Zionist US attack on Iraq was based on a big lie: the excuse of the “Chemical Weapons”, which were never found. But an insidious plan was organized to plunder Iraq’s resources.

The monster USA implemented the attack, invaded and ruined Iraq, ignoring the cry of millions of demonstrators all over the world against it.

Its ominous presence was followed by the establishment of its terrorist

AL Qaeda, which continues its daily explosions right until today.

In 2005, the dirty hand of the USA patting the Kurds’ heads, on their set up, the Neo Colonial Kurdish Autonomous territory on the land of Iraq and appointed the well-known Zionist servant Masoud Barezani as its governor.

The astonished people of the world, who were aware of centuries of the Kurds sorrow, were quietly watching the events. Perhaps, with some reservation, they were also slightly happy that, at last the end of the Kurds suffering was near. But…They were unaware of the fact that those days Zionist USA, was planting the seed of future wars in the Middle-East.

They were unaware of the fact that those days the Zionist USA, was putting

its iron foot on the bare shoulders of hungry Kurds to climb up to words its greedy wishes.

They were unaware of the fact, that the USA was starting a large Kurdistan Plan, governed by its servants, with the aim of Israeli expansion.

Autonomy, offered by the USA had never given any prosperity to any nation, to expect any for Kurds. The US dividing up countries is only meant for an easy plunder and domination by the USA.

All the facts experienced over the past 13 years should have revealed the

deception and hypocrisy to the simple and oppressed people of the Kurdish territory of Iraq.

The absence of progress in any social-economic-political fields in the past13 years is clear evidence of the applied deception.

True autonomy, should reveal itself in the first steps, in these fields.

Those days the facts were hidden, but today the presence of Zionist flags in the hands of the Kurds, in the Referendum districts, is clear evidence of the facts.

The Zionist Autonomy Kurdish Colony of the USA, which is a new US foothold in the Middle -East, has spread its table cloth for plundering and expansion.

Gordon Thomas, the British secret service expert, in his book “Gideon’s Spies:

Mossad Secret warriors” clears all the ambiguities in the arrest of Abdullah Ocalan, the leader and the founder of the Turkish Kurdistan Workers Party in Turkey.

On 15th Feb 1999, Mossad arrested Ocalan in Nairobi, Kenya, and delivered him to the Turkish regime. Since then he has been in Turkey’s Amraly prison with a life sentence.

Abdullah Ocalan, is a Kurdish thinker, who is the author of many books. Also, many books have been written about him by other authors.

How come the holders of Zionist flags in the Kurd’s voting queues for the referendum, were not aware of the hideousness of their treachery, when the Kurdish workers leader had been arrested by the Israelis? Besides, many of Jews are ashamed of raising the Zionist flag, as it is the symbol of the mass murder of Palestinians.

Or this flag holding calamity was also dictated to them?!

Zionism is deceiving Kurds, just as it deceived the Jews, dragging them with Haias organization (World Zionist Congress) from their homelands to Palestine. To push the Jews out of Europe towards Palestine, they encouraged, gave the ideas and fully cooperated with Hitler. Likewise, today the connection and unity of the Nazi-Zionists-Trump-Netanyahu is quite clear. Also, today, the USA by deceiving Kurds and establishing Kurdish territory and bringing blind excitement to the Kurds of Turkey, Iran and Syria, is aiming to expand its anti-humanist plans in the Middle -East. Kurdistan Territory of Iraq is a true child of US-Israel in the Middle -East. Therefore, its dissolution, is absolutely necessary, both to the benefit of Kurds and to all the people of the Middle -East.

Autonomy or even a sip of water for someone dying of thirst, coming from the bloody hand of Zionist USA, is a clear poison, and should be strongly refused for honesty and revolutionary purity.

All the oppressed people of the Middle -East and the rest of the world, will find their justice and freedom in socialism. Deceiving them by Zionist Imperialists will only draw them in to deeper misery.

To get falsely excited and trilled by leaning on Israel, with its shaky-quaky basis

and which should soon evacuate and leave the Palestine, is entire daftness.

We all know that the Kurdish language is one of the first branches of the Farsi language. This is a clear evidence of Kurds as early Iranians.

Dear comrades in all the leftists Iranian Parties and organizations, with respect and sincerity, this is a request to all of you.

Let us look at the sorrows of all the Kurds in the Middle-East, as the sorrows of a part of our own nation, who have been separated from us due to wars. But they have been honestly struggling against this injustice, throughout the centuries.

Let us not withhold from them our hearty and thorough support.

Our support of their honest, century-long struggle, is a duty. And for this purpose, establishing a single united opposition is the first vital step.

Defending all the Kurds and co-operating with other comrades in the Middle -East, revealing the US Policy among Kurds, can be the first steps for this united opposition in the Middle East.

Other suggestive duties for united Iran’s opposition, is an urgent arrangement of an “US tribunal” against all the unjust steps, it has taken in the Middle -East.

The Zionist US will ruin all the Middle-East as has done with Syria.

The suggested constitution, which has already been proposed to all, can be found among the Farsi Articles of 2017, in the Women’s Power website.

Let us not give a negative answer to the need of oppressed people of the Middle East and Kurds.

Let us take the US monster to the international court, before it ruins the M-East.

Let us not be passive in front of this lone ranger. Kurdistan has been divided between 4 countries, but the destiny of one is not separate from the others. Therefore, the problem of one, is the concern of all the others.

The USA is not the guardian of the world, but all the humans who are fighting against it and its allies, are.

The urgent duties of the countries of the Middle-East:

All the countries in the Middle-East who are sharing Kurdistan between themselves, should arrange and sign an agreement urgently and send it to the United Nation, with the following content:

They request the urgent dissolution of the Kurdistan territory in Iraq.

The interfering of the USA in the Middle- East for changing any of their border will be answered by their strong united struggle against it.

Next duties:

- Inform the Kurdish territory, and under the UN supervision transfer all the duties to the Iraq government.

- Rising work opportunities in all the 4 Kurdistans, and apply similar plans for the social-economical-political progress in all 4 Kurdistan.

This action will reduce the US influence in the Middle- East countries.

- Establishing and publicizing the Middle East union or at lease joint military manoeuvres between these four countries.

- Unconditioned freedom of Abdullah Ocalan, and inviting him to work with the union of the 4 United countries on a Kurdish progress plan.

These are the true cure to the deep wounds of the Kurds.

It is obvious all the contracts signed between Kurdish territory and other countries will be transferred to the Iraqi government, as well as all the investments and savings.


Stop US business in the Middle -East by attending to the needs of the nations.

The USA is only looking for cheap warriors.

Pack up the US war seeds (Kurdistan Autonomous Territory) before they sprout.

Women’s Power

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