Democratic people’s Republic of Korea,North Korea, will never give up.

Democratic people’s Republic of Korea, North Korea, will never give up.

USA! Stop your threats!

Farah Notash               World Anti-imperialist front         Women’s Power

Vienna 11. 11. 2017


The JUCHE Tower in Pyongyang dedicated to JUCHE Ideology

Today the people of the South, have reached a turning point in bringing historical change to the world. They seriously reject NATO attacking their countries and plundering their resources. Instead of just a few countries NATO members, equipped with nuclear weapons, the countries of the South, to protect themselves, are also trying to get equipped with nuclear arms. They have two suggestions.

World’s nuclear disarmament, or,

nuclear weapons for all countries.

Parallel to the constant US threats on North Korea, the plans suggestive by NATO’s General Secretory to send ground troups to North Korea, is also coming in the news.

The nonstop US aggressive foreign policy, relying on its nuclear weapons, is galloping on and on. It Makes up false stories, announcing them continually through its global media, imposing its lies as truth to the world, and based on them attacks and invades countries. Occupying, plundering the resources and leaving the people of the countries in all sorts of poverty and miseries.

The USA with its mafia band, NATO, has prohibited progress in living conditions for the people of the South. There is no need for a long list of miseries caused by the USA, just this fallowing item is enough. The people of Afghanistan are drinking water which is 60% contaminated by sewage bacteria. The disgrace of this enormous insult to humanity, no matter where on the earth, should shake the whole being of every humans if alive, and make them to stand up against this disgraceful injustice. This is the pure representation of what the USA has doing in Afghanistan after over

the last 16 years with the recent number of 16000 Soldiers there, and still is

digging and taking the resources.

North Kora does not wish to be the second Afghanistan. No country wishes

to be Afghanistan. That chaotic land, is in a total mess, with all the unfortunate wretched inhabitants wondering all over the world.  

The USA relying on its nuclear weapons, is creating false stories, is imposing them to the world, through its mass media, applying a continued brain-washing method, in order to remain there.

Therefore, to overcome the US’s nonstop aggression, get equipped with the same weapons as it has, or disarm the devil.

In 1905 Japan captured Korea and has dominated it till the end of WW2.In 1948 the allied forces, the Soviet Union and the USA freed Korea. The USA has made the South Korea its own back yard Colony since then, with

160 000 US soldiers there today, after 70 years. The Soviet Union has let the Korean communists run their own land. The Workers Party of Korea, WPK, has been running the country since then. This party has 3000 000 members now. The party’s leader, Kim Il Sung in 1970s, introduced JUCHE ideology to the party alongside the Marxism Leninism ideology. This Ideology emphasizes self-reliance and independency. Later in the WPK the Idea of Sogun was taken up too. This Idea focuses on highly disciplined training, in order to have a strong army. With 1,106, 000 active members in North Korea’s armed forces, and over 8,000,000 reserve members, Korea has the largest and the strongest army in the world. Plus, every 17-57-year-old man, is receiving regular training and is prepared to defend his land. So, this is an army nation.

After the US attack on North Korea from 1950 to 1953 and the massacre of millions, Koreans know the monster will comeback.

This is why they are getting prepared.

This article is not the place for the details of the strong WPK. But can point out to the fact, that the decisions and responsibilities are made and carried out by all the members. Speaking of dictatorship of one man is not real but the dictator ship of the workers party.

The Ideologies of the JUCHE and SONGUN are given them more power, capability and stability, like many of the Far-east heavily disciplined trainings.

No one is testing the USA, as Trump claims. But it is the time to teach the facts to the USA, that although it has been in South Korea for the past 70 years, it has no place in North Korea. The time have changed. The people of the world would rather die than drink water which is contaminated by the sewage water. The problem of North Korea is a totally common problem, and the people of the world support North Korea.

This is end of the line for the USA. The attacking of the countries and plundering of their wealth is going to be stopped.

A nuclear weapon ban for all, or, nuclear weapons for all.

The people of the South stand up to change the pro imperialist rules, which are defined and assigned to the benefit of the world eater imperialists.

This change, like all the other great changes in history, involves all humanity, and all humanity will benefit it in the future too. It is natural that this has costs. Good, the ones who refuse to drink water contaminated by sewage water will stand for it.

No nation would like its land to be ruined as tragically as Afghanistan.

No-one in the world would accept to be humiliated as Afghans are in their land.

Hatred against the USA does not express the totality of the world’s feeling towards the USA and its Mafia Band, NATO.

Long live Democratic people’s Republic of Korea

Long live unity of the nations against the USA and its mafia band, NATO.

Women’s Power

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