The threat on North Korea, Iran and Venezuela and the facts of Yellowstone behind it

The threat on North Korea, Iran and Venezuela and the facts of Yellowstone behind it

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

Vienna 23.09.2017


Today the question from humanity is: who has given the permission to the undereducated US president to stand in front of the world on a UN platform as the imposed delegate of the totally debased and corrupt US regime, and yell, that he is going to destroy North Korea, ending in the massacre of a nation?

Who has given the USA such a sickening, borderless, irresponsible dominant position, to enable it to hold such a rude, but collectively well- prepared speech in front of the humanity, calling for the destruction of one land and massacre of a nation.

The world is never indifferent in front of such an impertinent attacker breaking his lead. The establishment and foundation of the UN was based on peace and humanism, and not a platform for the yelling of low- cultured greedy arrogant president of the totally corrupt US regime.

He has crossed the red line and is morally not allowed to run a speech at the UN again.

On 20th of September here in Vienna two shocking subjects highlighted the news.

The threat on North Koreas by poor US president, and his wish of total destruction, and the other, an eighteen-year-old Afghan male refugee who killed his fourteen-year-old sister for not keeping her Hijab and preventing her to live as a free human being.

On 11th Sep 2001 the USA, by inventing a fake play with the help of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and its own CIA agent the Saudi Osama Bin Laden, arranged an attack on the Twin Towers in Manhattan. This excuse was needed for an attack and intervention in Afghanistan. The intervention which until today, is the base for the dishonourable, parasitic presence of the USA- NATO in Afghanistan.

For the past seventeen years, the USA has plundered Afghan Lithium, more expensive than diamonds, the most valuable metal for computers, and other resources together with other members of NATO and has made constant turbulence for further stay there, by its self-made terrorist groups. This has given no chance for any schooling or educations for Afghan children. The Afghan society is drowning in all forms of Poverty, and is deliberately kept behind by the USA, for further blood sucking. As a result, millions of depressed, miserable, homeless, jobless, futureless Afghans are wondering as refugee all over the world. This poor uneducated young Afghan male refugee is an example.

North Korea, with the pain of millions of Koreans massacred by the cultureless USA after WW2, is trying to prevent being a victim again. That is the absolute right of not only North Korea, but all the other countries of the south, which have always been under pressure by the USA and its NATO.

In the world, any human being will accept this logic. No country wants to be Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya.

Just few days ago 3000 new US soldiers were sent to Afghanistan. That is in addition to the 8000 in the first 6 months of the year. The world has never had any problem with North Korea.

It is always the USA which is the pain in the heart.

The USA with its misery making planes, carries out constant attacks, to lead a parasitic life. But behind all these yelling against Nord Korea and Iran, there is a bitter fact hiding.

Since Mid-August 2017, the USA is hiding the report of the NASA from the people of the world.

The NASA has reported that at any minute the Yellowstone Volcano can erupt.

There are 20 active volcanos in the world. The Yellow stone is the largest, and is situated in the middle of the USA. The eruption of Yellow stone means destruction of the whole USA.

The US scientists have decided to prevent the volcanic eruption, by pouring water inside the mountain and gain electric energy out of that. But the steam rising from the mountain is producing too much cloud around the earth, which is going to get thicker and thicker, and preventing the sun rays to reach the earth. In a world without sunshine, there would be no agriculture and human life in its entirety would be in danger.

This is a fact which is hidden from humanity since mid-August.

What are the solutions of the scientists of the other countries for this great problem?

Stop playing these games and covering this fact with Korea and Iran’s none existing problems, you irresponsible misery maker, refugee maker, inhuman USA delegate.

Iranians experienced a great famine in WW1. Although in both wars Iran was

neutral, in the first world war, from 18 million inhabitants, only 8 million were left. 10 million were killed in a famine imposed by British imperialism, which occupied Iran from 1917-1921 and requisitioned all the grain stores in the country.

In the statistics of every war, the number of killed people, with specific numbers

from towns and villages are written. But the “cheap blooded” people of the south

have no shadow in any books when they are starved to death in millions!

The Iranians crawled with hunger on the street pavements, died there, with some grass or roots in their mouth. There were piles of corpses and no one to

remove them. The history of Iran will never forget the looks of the children with open eyes, who died of hunger without the power to cry for food.

NO, MR USA, what have you done with the September Sun? Why is it always dark, why is it always raining?

Do not threaten the people of North Korea. They are not alone. The whole world will support them. Besides, the USA was not the winner of the Vietnam war;

to much bosting and blowing can cause a sudden unexpected burst! Be careful!

The people fight back, they are not paralyzed, besides, the opposition to the US regime is the largest armed opposition in the world. The time for the crushing of US Imperialism is near.

You are scared. That is why, to hide your fear you are using reverse psychology.

You are feeling weak; therefore, you want to show power. You are going down the drain. You are under attack from the sea, underground, and over ground. Your time is over, you old stinking monster. That is why the ugly Netanyahu is sticking to you more than ever. He is scared too. Because his regime will also soon, will go down the drain too. If you want to dismantle Iran’s Nuclear agreement, do so, no problem. As long as you exist in this world, the people will go on making Atom Bomb to protect themselves.

You yell because you want them to be defenceless, to help yourself to their resources any time you wish, and go on with your parasitic life. But you must learn the time for this is over.

To rescue the world from main danger to the world today, we need:


To stop thought deviation on any irrelevant subjects, such as Atom Bombs of North Korea and Iran,

To publish for the public, the full NASA report.

To get the world scientists’ honest opinion on any decision and step to take.

The USA is not the worlds’ guardian.

The nations have the right to hear the opinions of the worlds scientists.

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