The pre-end-of-war stage in Syria and gratitude to Russia

The pre-end-of-war stage in Syria and gratitude to Russia

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

Vienna 22. 08. 2017

The messenger of happiness from Damascus gave out the news that the international exhibition with 43 countries participating, is taking place in the suburb of Damascus. Then President Bashar Assad’s adviser also added that they have reached the pre-end- of-war stage.

This is the most joyful news in the past few years. 18. 08. 2017

What comes following this news has great importance. That the president’s adviser added, Damascus is obliged to confront illegal forces such as the USA and Turkey, just like defeated terrorists.

And that the USA and Turkey are not supporting the terrorists any more.

500,000 people killed, 10, 000,000 homeless, a ruined country, and thousands of imposed pains on the oppressed nation of Syrians, are the result of the US Zionist-Imperialist US & Co’s proxy war in Syria, which is recorded in the history.

Although electing Trump has been under the spot light of the imperialist’s media, by documentless claims of the Democrats, but Big League Politics has revealed the facts, in an interview with Seymour Hersh.

Seymour Hersh is a well-known investigative Journalist. He has said, the 27-year-old man “Seth Rich “who was killed a year ago, is the person who had been sending Democrats’ e mails to the Wiki Leaks. But the US Secret services have wrongly blamed Russian hackers for it. To prove his claims, Hersh has referred to the findings of the FBI.

At the height of the US electoral struggle, at 4.20 am, 29.06.2016, Seth Rich, a member of DNC, Democrats National Comity, was killed by two bullets, on his way home in Washington. The Police presented him as the victim of an armed robbery, whereas the laptop he was carrying had disappeared, but his wallet, watch, mobile and other valuable things where not stolen.

The aid workers, stated that when they reached the scene of the crime, Seth Rich was totally conscious and was constantly talking. As Aron Rich, the brother of Seth Rich, who several hours later was in hospital said, the aid workers were surprised about the death of Seth Rich due to the shot wounds!

Immediately after the death of Seth Rich, Wiki Leaks announced, that it would pay 20,000 dollars to the person who finds the assailant. Also, the Police assigned 25,000 dollars for the finder of the assailant.

The founder of Wiki Leaks Julian Assange stated, that this crime can be connected to the publishing of the Democrats’ emails.

During the US electoral campaign, Wiki Leaks published the emails of the Democrats which put Hillary Clinton, the Democrat’s candidate in awkward situation. Clinton’s electoral team blamed Russian hackers for it immediately. Many of the security organisations confirmed this outlook without having any evidence to support this opinion. However, the last autopsy proves the Wiki Leaks view.

Hersh says: Seth Rich asked for money for the documents he sent Wiki Leaks. He says he does not Know to were this deal ended. What he knows is, that before Rich got killed, to check the nature of the information, he had given the password of a drop box account to Wiki Leaks.

The police to find the cause of the assassination, searched Rich’s apartment and gave the FBI the computer found in the place. The result of this research was that Rich at the end of spring, beginning in summer 2016, had connection with Wiki Leaks and had presented series of documents and emails to them.

Hersh says that Rich, taking precautions in case somethings happened to him, had given a password to few of his friends, and reports that the date of the last DNC email is 21.05.2016, which corresponds with the date of Rich’s last communication with Wiki Leaks: “end of spring, beginning of summer”.

Russia has always denied interfering in the US election and has always asked for evidence supporting the claims of the Democrats.

But due to the US interfering in all countries’ internal politics, it is the absolute right of all countries not only to help the US opposition, but also do everything they can to overthrow this rotten corruption, this blood drinking monster with all might.

With Trump’s zigzag policy, the US help to the terrorists, at last has ended.

Now the concrete objective realities of the events in Syria, would hopefully lead the leftists of the world to see the truth and get closer to unity.

some of the leftists’ parties and organisations are calling Russia imperialist.

Has anything other action of their being recorded in history, besides humanity and help to oppressed nation of Syrians?

Is Russia really a usurer, a warmonger, a colonialist and a plunderer?

Does it take humans as slaves?

Isn’t it time instead to rely on findings of others on Marxism Leninism, learn it straight from their own books and wipe the distances away between leftists?

Most of the European and US ideologists have old feud, against Russia.

First, due to the victory of Lenin and his Party in Russia, although the revisionists, Kautosky and other partners from European communist and socialist parties, turned their back, on him during WW1.

Second, due to the defeat of the Fascists by the people of the Soviet Union, under the leadership of Stalin in WW2 and the establishment of socialist

governments, in Eastern European countries after WW2.

Third, for purging of the Russian communist Party and the government from supporters of Trotsky and purging him too.

So, both sides, Fascists and Zionists, hold a grudge against Russians.

Surely, friends can add further reasons.

Of course, in Iran, there is a large affiliated front to British Imperialism,

which is not excluded from these feuds and enmity. They are: Freemasons, salaried Mullahs, the corrupted circle of Feyzieh, the Mullahs school. And its twin Aastane Ghodse Razavi, Ghajar Tribe and ancestry, Pahlavis untill 1953, all salaried Feudal khans and their children on both sides of the eastern borders in Sistan, and Baluchistan, who acted to prevent any developments and keep the land burned for centuries. This feud is transferred to the next generations, who penetrate everywhere, distributing the poison against the Soviet Union and now Russia.

The difference and the distance between the communists from colonized southern lands and majority of the communists of the colonizer lands should never be forgotten. The majority of the northern communists and socialists are the followers of those who turned their backs to Lenin in the WW1, and took the side of their imperialist governments. They are followers of their own ideologists. Their Leninism is superficial and watery, as it is mixed with Kautsky &Co’s ideas.

Kautskz and his allies are the greatest traitors towards humanity in history.

It was expected, as Marx had said that all Europe together at the same time would make the socialist revolution. But they supported their imperialist governments in WW1.

They are responsible for the human misery on the globe ever since. Their analysis is pure poison and forgiving them never possible. Mixing Leninism with their ideas is poisonous. One cannot call himself Marxist Leninist and anti-revisionist, and then use revisionist Kautsky’s definition for imperialism (any country which establishes monopolies is Imperialist). and recognise the imperialists by his outlooks. The majority of Northern communists cannot be forerunners, as their ideology lacks the essence of Marxism Leninism. Southern communists need to stand on their own feet, and their mission is to give blood to the dried Veins of the world communism as a duty.

In this discussion, either logic is accepted or not. Not accepting the logical discussion, simply means, it does not benefit the person or his group. Then the person’s honesty is under question. What is called Euro-communism has nothing to do with communism.

The coups by the Zionists in the European communist parties after WW2 should never be forgotten. A majority of the communists and socialist parties are for the colonialism as in Palestine. Any word against Israel brings total boycott.

Since WW2 the dictatorship of the US Zionist Imperialists & Co has been dominating the world. They have overthrowed all the people’s governments in the world and replaced them with their own servants. They ruin the result of the people’s struggle.

A new expression was used in one of the articles about the recent G20 demonstration. “The demonstrators were anti- Fascist communists”.

But the word communist is a complete word and does not need any prefix and suffix.

These so called Anti-Fascist communists are a different variation of Trotskyists, made by British imperialism, to struggle against true communism.

Stalin was the one who crushed Fascists. They are against Stalin. These demos were arranged under the same organisation which arranged anti- Trump demonstrations in all Europe, after Trump was elected. They were taken to Germany to fight so called Fascist Trump. However, if Trump takes one step against his Zionist masters, he will be assassinated at once. The main activity of the Trotskyists was to weaken Soviet Union and communism in the world, and still is by attracting the youth interested in communism, to keep them away from their goal, until they get fed up and leave. That is how the members are always young and not permanent members.

Destroying machines and… is anarchistic and Marx wrote his criticism of it.

Social Imperialism is an invention of the German and British followers of Kautosky & Co and was used to weaken the Soviet Union, and after the USSR collapse, the “social “was removed too, and just imperialism is used for Russia and china,

The word Imperialism is like the word atom bomb. There is no good or bad

atom bomb. The atom bomb is mass killer. Good or bad atom bomb is meaningless.

Anytime the word imperialism is written in front of Russia and China in an article, it is necessary to list all their act of colonization and plundering straight after that. And if there is no plundering and no colony then, expressing such things is a statement of connection to revisionism and indirect help to US imperialism & Co. It is also injecting poison against the benefits of the people of the south and the world.

Only pure Marxism Leninism is a rescuer of the world and not the mixed version. The mixed version only results in deceiving people in finding their way to struggle, and separating them from one another.

The protest of the rightists and Leftists against Bashar Assad who had asked for help from Russia, came at the same time. One of the Marxist Leninist, anti-revisionist parties wrote,” let the imperialists, beat so much on each other’s heads untill they all get crushed in Syria.” This will never be forgotten.

There is no doubt, that the heart of the majority of the campaigners, in all the leftist parties and organizations palpates for socialism in the world. But the first and the most important step to bring the wishes to reality, is to recognize the most important contradiction of the world: to distinguish friends from enemies. To obtain Knowledge which depends on realities. History has shown that whenever there has been a deep evolution in the forerunners of society, that nation has taken big steps in changing its society. The changes need unity of forces.


The result

To honour the humanist hero Russia is a duty.

Many thanks and thousands of salutes to the Anti-Fascist nation of Russia, which not only rescued Cuba, supported Vietnam, but also rescued the legal government of Bashar Assad and supported the highly oppressed nation of Syria against Zionist Imperialist USA, Israel &Co.

Women’s Power

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