To the world’s Peace Activists, Viennese peace movement, Hiroshima group and the UN

To the world’s Peace Activists, Viennese peace movement, Hiroshima group and the UN

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist front Women’s Power

28. 07. 2017

On the 72nd commemoration of the victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is an honour for me to congratulate you, the brave campaigners for peace, a nuclear- weapon-free world, and all those, whose hearts palpitate for the world’s peace, and their pens, their non-stop activity is resembling their borderless love for humanity on the Globe.

Congratulations for the blossoming results of your years of activity. Congratulations for the deep happiness given to the world by the United Nation Treaty published on the 7th of July 2017. That was a fair answer to the peace lovers honest and sincere voluntary activities.

Among all the tears running down the world’s face, for the years of non-stop wars, many thanks for your giving the world a day of sunny smile.

And a deep heartful appreciation for the great work of the UN, taking a humanist side, arranging and writing the Treaty of the World Nuclear Disarmament, and having it signed by delegates of more than 130 countries.

Although the US government did not show any reaction, its associates, France and England reacted immediately. They announced the same day, that they will never follow the Treaty! This was red signal which has to be taken seriously for the future campaign.

The first use of the Atom Bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA on the 6th and 9th August 1945, was 3 months after the soviet Union’s red flag raised on Berlins parliament on 8.5.1945, announcing the end of WW2. The action, not only was the cause of hundreds of thousands of humans being killed there and then with dreadful consequences running until today, but also, was the ominous start of an overflow of US aggression which has been going on until now. The start of the Zionists’ domination on the USA governments and formation of new establishment, which rested on Atom Bomb, produced due to findings of Albert Einstein.

According to the statistic, several researchers estimate, since WW2, nearly 30 million people have been killed due to US invasion or its proxy wars in the world. And that is without the use of the Atom Bomb!

The victims are from 37 nations in Latin America, Asia, Africa and the middle-East. All due to the USA depending on its Atom Bomb. The establishing of NATO, the US war machine, misusing EU soldiers for its inhuman goals, the colonising of Palestine, which is bleeding as an open wound since, are the first dreadful steps after those mushroom explosions.

Although Trump with anti-war electoral slogans collected votes, the first thing he did, was to consider 50 billion dollars for renovating Nuclear Arsenals. On the other hand, he raised the pressure on Iran and North Korea. How many of these treaties have been ignored by the US imperialists? They are endless.

Iran has been cheated. The sanctions, which were to be abolished, have been increased. Iran’s Opposition is against Trumps policy on Iran. The USA is eager to start a new war in the Middle- East. They want to destroy Iran.

Look at the US Zionist Congress’s new sanctions on Iran on 26th of July, totally Ignoring the imposed disgraceful Nuclear agreement of 2015-16. By incriminating him in relation to presidential election they have made a

puppet out of Trump and they lead him where they want.

The question from humanity is: what is the solution for rescuing the nations, when the US Zionist Imperialists do not stop attacking them, misusing NATO to crush them, making all kinds of mischief to attack them, kill them and take the nations’ resources for free?

Should the nations passively tolerate this savage inhuman US foreign policy?
Should the nations give up struggle and accept to be slaves? Iran and North Korea will never forget what the USA did to them after WW2.

(millions of people massacred by the USA in Korea in 1950)

Is there an end to the pain and misery of the nations in south?

Is there a ray of hope for the barbaric US imperialists to recover and become human beings? The answer, depending on character analysis of the US Imperialists is “NEVER”.

For many years, the USSR suggested World Nuclear Disarmament, and after the collapse (which was due to US constant interference), the Russian government has followed the same idea in the UN. China most probably has the same idea. But what was the topic of Obamas thesis in Harvard University, how to disarm Russia of its nuclear weapons?

On 8th April 2010 in Prag an agreement was signed by the USA and

Russia to reduce the same number of Nuclear Weapons from each side.

(The agreement was called START. You can find the article “The Play in Prag” under left Unity articles, in English and German languages, in www.farah-notash .com)

Yet disarming any individual country, ends with empowering the savage

USA. Thousands of parties, organizations and humanist political individuals have supported the idea for years and years from all over the world.

And here in Vienna, we have been witnessing Peace Movement activists and Hiroshima group, active for world Nuclear disarmament together with other groups for many years. They have been calling for total global elimination of all nuclear weapons. They have been calling for a nuclear weapon free Europe, as an important step for total ban of all nuclear weapons. They are emphasising Austria’s neutrality and anti-nuclear weapons strategy.

“In the 1970 s, the work of peace and environmental activists led to ban on nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants, which became part of the Austrian Constitution.”

Every year they are organising a very impressing event in commemoration of Hiroshima victims. This year will also start on 6th August, at 6pm in the city centre of Vienna, the Graben. Surely the full program will appear on Supporting them, is supporting the 7th July “UN Treaty of the World Nuclear disarmament”.

Down with the war mongers.

Down with Zionists imperialists.

And down with their creations, all Islamic movements

Women’s Power

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