Rising danger of a war and flaming anger of revenge

Rising danger of a war and flaming anger of revenge

Farah Notash World Anti- imperialist front Women’s Power


On 27th of June James Mattis, US defence minister, denied the US warmonger wishes in Syria. However the facts clearly show a contradiction with his claims. The US Consecutive attacks on Syrian forces have no other meaning than the US attempting to intervene directly in the Syrian war (instead of using its proxies). The US intervention in Syria without the consent of the legal Syrian government is for other reasons than fighting terrorists.

Israel’s attacks, parallel to the US attacks on Syrian forces is a clear implementation of the sick stinking Zionist wishes, to break Arabic lands, stretch Israelis’ borders, to implement an Imperialist Great Israel to govern small tribal Arab countries. That is according to

Odid Yinon’s “One Strategy for Israel” written 1982.

Although the US courts have agreed on Trumps Moslem ban, but they have disgustingly let US imperialists stretch their legs and arms in Moslem lands.

Nikki Haley the US delegate in the UN is threatening Syria and insisting on lying. To start bombing Syria, they need an excuse, she emphasises the April 2017 chemical attack, with the totally lie base and background, which has already been revealed by solidarity of the international forces in April 2017. Whatever it was, it was not the job of Assad forces.

The so- called evidence has been shown to be fake by many serious commentators. This is why the USA has refused to accept a neutral investigation of the attack. The UN delegate, head of a mission Carla del Ponte announced that there have been no Chemical weapons in Syria since 2013 based on UN evidence.

So Trump and Obama , both have bloody hands.

Nikki Haley Keeps repeating the big lie, over and over again in front of the world, and threatening Syria on the base of a lie. For a woman to take job as lair for the mentally sick warmonger imperialists, she has to be heartless and does not even deserve to be called a woman.

And she continues further, saying the threat is aimed not only at Syria but as well on Iran and Russia. She thinks Iran and Russia are paralysed and cannot defend themselves. Or are incapable of punishing the warmongers!

Before anyone react against these scenarios, and the hopeless threats, US news papers, the New York Times and the Washington Post announced

“an excuse to attack Syria”.

Then comes James Mattis lowering his head, and claimed that Syria has taken the warning seriously!!

As a matter of fact on 28th June the Syrian government observed that in the area of DERAA the terrorists are stage-managing chemical usage. And on the same day the US Boeing P+8APoseidon was seen. This plane is equipped for recognition of nuclear explosions and chemical weapons. Which suggests of the US was preparing an excuse of a chemical attack for a subsequent attack on Syria.

The people, who are aware of the Zionists Sick mentality dominating the US nation and government since WW2, were hoping that Trump being different, perhaps would be able to stop this domination. But the Zionists have created the story of Russia interfering in the US election and have enslaved him more severely than any other president. In their claws is following their strategy step by step. Any way he lacked the skills to act independently.

The US A has made Saudi Arabia its own Arsenal.

The USA is Supporting Daesh in Afghanistan.

The USA is sending Thousands of soldiers to Afghanistan.

The US servant Saudi Arabia, has threatened Iran with war.

The US foreign minister has openly announced that for changing Iran’s Regime the USA is going to help Iran’s Opposition inside Iran.

Iran has arrested many Daesh groups in different towns and discovered arms warehouses.

But Iran’s missiles against Daesh in Syria, after 2 Deash attacks in Iran, has made Israel restless, as it means that Israel and all the US bases in the Middle-East are within the reach of Iran’s missiles.

But among all these activities and events going one in the world, one important factor has been neglected and remains in the shade.

The flaming Iranians Anger of Revenge. The Zionist US imperialists has wounded Iranians by the 1953 coup, the wound has not healed. It is still open and bleeding. The hatred of Persians against USA makes them anxious for revenge. That means any of the US &co forces getting in to Iran will never get out. The USA will be totally crushed. Israel will be blown in to the air.

Any change of the regime in Iran is the right of the people of Iran, even if it takes millennium. Irrespective of the conflicts, the People of Iran as always

will unite against the USA and Israel.

Until now, Women’s Power several times has warned the illegal immigrants in Palestine and has asked them to leave the land immediately. Now the danger is even nearer. The sick dreams of Zionists for thrones and taking over all the Middle East and then the rest of the world will never come true.

They will lose as they did millennia ago.

An answer to Netanyahu’s threats against Iran:

No Mr. Netanyahu,

You were not in Iran before Iranians. Your religion is 4000 years younger

Than Mithraism and 1500 years younger than Zoroastrianism.

The misery maker bankrupt theory of Theodor Herzl which only focussed on the quantities of a nation and never was able to see the qualities did not make a nation but an AASH. A kind called: Sholeghalamkar. (A Persian thick kind of soup, everything found in house is added to water in a pot and is boiled).

Many of the German and Russian Jews were qualified and intelligent enough to understand this. And they left Palestine for Palestinians. You could not deceive and keep them stuck any longer, with all the tricky colonialist glues, you had collected during millennia.


The US Government has to show its personality and stop being the slave of the US Zionists. The interest of every country including the US should be within its own borders, not in other people’s lands. The people of the world

Will always resist against colonialist wishes. All these years the barbaric US &Co have been plundering Afghan’s wealth, look at poor condition of Afghans.

In this era the people of the USA need to get organized against their dominant Zionist Regime.

The last attacks of the Zionist imperialists of USA and its child Israel against Syrian Forces revealed their aims and determination: destruction of Middle East, domination of the world and seizing the resources with a sick racist Ideology. Therefore defending Palestine not only is solidarity with Palestinians but also is the defence of human honour and dignity on the earth. Accepting two governments in Palestine means accepting a Monster having a footstep in the Middle East to dominate Arabs and eventually dominate the world. The NATO is misused for their wishes.

EU should leave NATO or throw US out of it.

Long live the solidarity of nations. Long leave their Unity against Imperialism, Zionism and all the religious movements and governments.

Palestine belongs to Palestinians.

Syria belongs to Syrians.

US-NATO out of Syria

Unite against war.



Women’s Power

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