Preparations of an attack on Iran

Preparations of an attack on Iran

Farah Notash             Worlds Anti-imperialist front       Women’s Power

  1. 6. 2017 Vienna  

Since last week in May, under the leadership of the USA and Saudi Arabia, the performance of a play has been started in an area which covers Pakistan, Afghanistan, all the countries in the southern border of Iran and all the rest of the Arabic lands.

On 1st June Ashraf Ghani the president of Afghanistan, informed groups of foreign representatives about details of Kabul’s huge terror and who was responsible.

Two days later, the Pakistani Haghanis terrorists, who cooperate with Pakistan’s secret services, admitted their responsibility for the Kabul huge explosion.

The USA announced it would continue to support Afghanistan. And already has started sending 50,000 new fighters. The USA had already 8000 soldiers in Afghanistan left over from years before at the beginning of 2017. With Trump’s electoral promise to put an end to the wars and bring all the soldiers back, an excuse was needed for the transfer of new forces.

That was easily arranged through Pakistan’s Haghanis. The suicide attack in Kabul was the first episode of this performance.

But the 50,000 US Soldiers are not being sent to Afghanistan to fight Haghanies. Because the Haghanies are also, like Daesh, part of the USA Islamist terrorist army.

Obama, at the beginning of his work to rescue the bankrupt US Banks, started begging.

He collected billions to rescue US imperialism.

But Trump does this by selling weapons and promising to punish Iran and even to overthrow the regime with all expenses paid for. The map of a divided Iran’s was already printed long ago in the USA and encircling Russia and capturing it is an old dream of US Zionist Imperialists.

The conflict of Saudi Arabia with Qatar is not because the latter is terrorist, as until yesterday they took their orders from the same place. Qatar is not willing to give its share of the budget for an attack against Iran. Besides, although Iran’s regime does have Moslem brotherhood tendencies, Hamas is also made of the same stuff, and Iran is also an ally of Lebanon’s Hezbollah and the Syrian Alevites, but chasing after Qatar is a short cut for Saudi Arabia.

On 6th June two trains of Tehran’s underground network had an accident in one of Tehran’s stations (with the excuse that the trains were old). But of course, it is the normal procedure of the game of adventurists to carry out some technical alterations.

On 7th June, two attacks arranged by Daesh in the shrine of the Khomeini’s grave and Parliament in Tehran at the same time. Some people killed and some injured.

6th June: coalition forces under US leadership attack the Syrian army in their own country near Tanaf. Russia denounces this as unacceptable.

Besides, transferring members of Daesh from the southern Russian countries, to Afghanistan has started a year ago.     

Trump is not acting as he had promised and he is not able either. He and his government are following the same old program of the US Zionist Imperialists bankers and establishment. Encircling Iran from the east, south and west to reach the north and start cutting Russia to pieces from the southern Moslem lands.

The attack of the wolfs is on the way.

Although the collapse of the mullah regime is highly desirable, what we are to face is total inhumanity.

The only force that can resist this, is united opposition.

Women’s Power

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