To the nation and government of the USA

To the nation and government of the USA

Farah Notash             Worlds Anti-imperialist front         Women’s Power

Vienna 18.09.2018

The matter of who should stay in Syria and who should leave, is only the responsibility of Syrian government. The Israeli forces who have occupied the Heights of Golan which are part of Syria, plus the whole of Palestine, should go back to their countries or to the USA. The constant Israeli attacks on Syria with the excuse of shooting at Iranian forces, the help to the British White Helmets in the conspiracy to stag chemical attack in Idlib, the help in producing Daesh and delivering weapons to Daesh besides all the constant attacks, killings and oppressing of Palestinians, have not been hidden from the eyes of the people of the world. Now the amount of hatred towards Israeli Occupiers in the world has reached the point of eruption.

Doesn’t the US Zionist regime which is constantly bullying Trump to fulfil its inhuman colonial wishes, such as transferring the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem or recognizing the funny state in the country of Palestine as a Jewish state, see all this?

But if the US Zionist Regime is not able to see all this hatred, the Israeli Jews see that. That is why they are leaving Palestine. And no deceit based on of colonial

greed, such as the embassy transfer or the funny Jewish state recognition in

Palestine can stop them.

Down with Zionist designers of reactionary Shaam and Iraq Caliphate.

Down with all those who base their existence on the

extinction of nations.

Long live the memory of the murdered heroes of Russian IL20 aeroplane and all those who fought against the Zionist US -Israeli hateful-reactionary colonial plans in Syria and Iraq.

The final victory is for the oppressed nations of the


Women’s Power

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