Mr Thilo Sarrazin, is demagogy an honour?

Mr Thilo Sarrazin, is demagogy an honour?

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 8.10.2018


The world will never forget the pictures of German children on all the newspapers, wearing German soldiers’ uniforms, with the large hats on their small heads at the end of WW2. There was no healthy man left in Germany. They were either killed in the war or came back insane and disabled. There was no man fit to work in factories or other places in Germany. Therefore, after few years the German government asked the Iranian and Turkish Governments for some workers. Iran’s government never accepted to send any Iranian workers, cautious about the racism of many Germans and humiliation of Persian workers in the future. But the Turkish Government accepted and sent a great number of Turkish workers to help. The pictures of the arrival of Turkish workers in Germany is in museums’ archives.

This article is not the place to cover the miseries of workers far away from home in Germany. But there are books written by German intellectuals, who used brown eye lenses and dyed their hair black and applied for jobs as Turkish workers. They experienced and wrote about the shocking humiliation they suffered as guest workers in Germany. The humiliation which has drawn a thick red line between Turks and Germans until today.

Mr Sarrazin, your books are true evidence of these claims. Not only you humiliated them in your first book written in 2010, Deutschland schafft sich ab, which appeared in English as Germany Does Away with Itself, but this humiliation has flown through all your books and speeches till today, which describe their alleged lack of intelligence, reactionary beliefs and smash their holy book. You are turning the inhabitants of Germany against each other and You are one of the causes of turbulence and hatred inside society and Europe.

Openly saying this is the most unintelligent way of handling the victims trapped by the influence of reactionary thoughts. The acceptance of this reactionary ideology has two sides, inside and outside. The racist humiliation was the inside cause.

The search for human identification is natural human behaviour when facing ignorance and humiliation.

First of all, Mr Sarrazin, you are an ungrateful person towards the people who helped your nation in bad days.

Secondly, all holy books share many similar things, taken from one another. They are all for your favourite class society and none has a privilege over others! That is why the Imperialists have started misusing religions to prolong their dirty existence.

All you have done, is blame the victims and kept quiet about the causes.

As a bestselling author, you put yourself out as a thinker and social rescuer.

But you are either lacking the historical, social and philosophical knowledge, or are aware but try to destroy the society. It seems like both at the same time.

Not only you are ungrateful for the help you received in bad times, but you are damaging the young minds by this short-sighted outlook.

There are reasons why the working class gives birth to many children all over the world. Besides, if they are getting influenced from outside, it is due to EU mosques open for US and their partners’ plans to establish the SHAAM Caliphate in Syria and Iraq. The brainwashing to produce an Islamist proxy army of Turkish Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Salafists, has also other side effects for Germany! The order comes from Erdogan to have at least three children! You don’t say much about Mosques open for Daesh (ISIS) recruitment, but you protest against having too many births! This dishonest policy also has too sides. Why didn’t you cry out against your party opening mosques to brainwash EU Muslim Youth to create the US-Zionist Daesh (ISIS) army?

Why do you keep quiet about the 600-billion Euro damage to Syria which was caused by the US and their partners and then calculate and refuse to pay 1.5 billion Euro as expenses over the next 10 years to educate 800 000 male refugees from the Middle-East and Africa? Your petty, stingy attitude stops you from seeing that these people wanted to avoid being turned into killers.

Those male or female refugees would have been much luckier in their homes if your NATO had not ruined their lands. These refugees are to be killed as soldiers for either side of your imperial miseries.

In November 2008, a book was published in German, Die Gefahr des Islams (The Danger of Islam). In December 2008, Gaza was massacred.

Now what is your plan, for which massacre are you preparing?

Stop turning the simple masses against one another. The true causes of the miseries in the world are imperialists. Religions are ancient beliefs. But they are activated and misused by the imperialists. Stop humiliating people. All nations belong to one human family on Earth.

You are a bestseller author, that does not mean you are one of the best writers. The best writer is the one who tries to reveal the misery makers and not give the wrong address and prepare the victims for another attack and more massacres! The main axis of your books is anti-Refugee, anti-Turkish, anti-Muslim, anti-Africa-Middle-East, narrow-minded pro-Petty-German-Nationalism.

Demagogy is always a best seller!

Women’s Power

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