To the Nation and Government of Ecuador and a call for the UN’s help

To the Nation and Government of Ecuador
and a call for the UN’s help

Farah Notash             Worlds Anti-imperialist Front       Women’s Power

Vienna 22.10.2018

No gratitude and no words of thanks are enough to express the world’s respect and love towards the nation and the government of Ecuador for accepting the world’s be loved hero “Julian Asange “as refugee in the Ecuador Embassy in London since June 2012.

The World is aware of the fact that, this cruelty imposed situation, not only has made Julian Asange suffer during this long period, but also has caused a lot of problem for the Ecuador embassy in London.

The latest cruelty is banning of access to the internet for the world’s Julian Asange. All refugees are free to use the internet, but due to the US imperialist interference in the Ecuador embassy’s internal operations, the world’s Julian Asange is now living without the internet. That is against the law applied to all the refugees in the world.

Not only is the world reminding the respectable Ecuador Embassy in London, of the position of the world’s great hero and his difficult situation,

but also, is calling for help from the UN.

It is the right of all the refugees to have the internet, so the same holds for Julian Asange.

Otherwise the Ecuador Embassy is not an embassy any more, but a prison.

The pressure on the Ecuador Embassy is obvious, but the fight for its

reputation and respect, as an embassy, is also an important duty, as for every embassy.

The Saudi-Arabian Consulate (slaughterhouse) in Turkey, will never be

able to raise its head again, which is a great shame for the nation of Arabia!

Ecuador; be aware, the world has its heart in your hands.

Julian Is not alone.

There is no help given without its reward.

Women’s Power

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