Call on humanity

Call on humanity

Reveal the conspiracy of the US Zionist-fake chemical attack in Syria

Farah Notash World Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 15th August 2018

The US Zionists’ had a plan to change the Middle-East states’ map in establishing a totally new backward state out of Syria and Iraq, under US domination, “Shaam and Iraq Khilafat- Kingdom”, an imitation of early Islamic government from 1300 years ago. This plan has been defeated.

The US Zionist Islamist army has been swept out of Syrian towns and states. The undereducated simple young Muslims and some non-Muslims out of 60 countries were brain washed in EU Mosques. Then they were trained in US bases by US army officers in Turkey, Jordan and then were transformed in to monsters by forcing them to take daily psycho-active tablets. The 75000 Islamist fighter and their families have finally all retreated in to the Syrian state of Idlib, in the North of Syria on the Turkish border.

Accepting these bitter defeats is not tolerable for the US Zionists. So, with a new conspiracy their further attempt for breaking Syrian state resistance is on its way. Referring to the UN ban of chemical weapons use they are going to misuse this law as an excuse to attack Syria. To attack Syria to be the winner of this war going on since 2011. Filming of this staged attack has already started, and nine films have been produced to be sent to western governments and media.

The British-made White Helmets have kidnaped 44 Syrian children in August and September to misuse them as the fake victims of the staged Syrian chemical attack, to prepare the people of the world to accept as just the US and Co’s

attacks on Syria.

Due to the existence of imperialists in the world, defending the borders and territorial integrity are the duty of every state, as the imperialists have an eye on other nations’ wealth and properties, e.g. Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq… Therefore, it is the Syrian government’s duty to clear Idlib State from all US Islamist monsters.

In aiming for a peaceful solution, Putin and Erdogan had a meeting with Iran’s government in Tehran last week, as Erdogan has also been a supporter of those Islamists in Idlib. Erdogan, in matter concerning Turkey and Kurds, is a Nationalist Islamist. But as for the problem in Syria, he is acting as a petty dealer, bargaining for Idlib to remain occupied by these Islamist monsters posing as Syrian opposition! Yet they are a collection of terrorists from 6o countries under domination of US- Israeli Zionists. So how can they be recognized as Syrian opposition?! They must all be thrown out under international observation.

Earlier this year, President Trump had mentioned that he was going

to evacuate US forces from Syria. But the US Zionists have persuaded him to stay there and attack the Syrian government. The US Zionists have promoted him as a president to do the dirty jobs, such as transferring the US embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem or recognising Israel as a pure Jewish State in Palestine, the things no US president have accepted to do. And now they are pushing him to continue with the rest of the dirty jobs in Syria. As he had never been politically active before, he doesn’t know what is going on. He doesn’t know he is being misused and black -mailed. He is under pressure from all sides to fulfill the US Zionists dirty wishes. He does, what he is pushed to do. Like the last year’s air attack on Syrian forces with France and Britain for the same staged Chemicals play by the White Helmets. And if he stops taking orders, he will be damaged by planned sex scandals or get threatened with impeachment by the FBI-CIA-US Congress and Justice ministry. The US Zionists keep Trump as a mask on their faces and are busy going ahead with their war monger plans under the name of Trump. The consequent bombing of Syria by Israel is clear evidence.

In recent days two very important happening have run in the news.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the EU President, has announced that the EU is employing

10 000 new soldiers to protect EU borders.

Angela Merkel has signed an agreement that German forces should join the war against Syrian government in the case of a chemical attack usage by the Syrian government.

But conspiracy of a chemical attack has already been revealed, as staged by the White Helmets and new films now have been produced.

So, why is Germany joining an unjust war against the rights of the Syrians while the EU is protecting its borders?!

If Germany joins the war, the war will be expanded to the EU. Therefore, Germany should be stopped at once by the German people.

Before the EU protects its borders, it should get out of NATO. If it does not want refugees, then it should not attack the homes of other nations.

This Tragic conspiracy of this new staged Chemical attack must be revealed to the public.

Syrian territorial integrity should be respected.

These raising flames of WW3 should be stopped at once.

Women’s Power

An open example of provocation and orders been given through the media, can be found in the US Zionist daily paper New York times in article

To Thwart Iran, Save Idlib

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