44 missing Syrian children

44 missing Syrian children

Farah Notash         Worlds Anti-imperialist Front           Women’s Power

2.9.2018 Vienna

On 30th August the Syrian government announced that 44 children are missing in Idlib.

Idlib is a state which half of it is still in the possession of the US Tahrir-al-sham terrorists. The missing children have been kidnapped by British-made White Helmets. The White Helmets need the children to make a staged chemical attack. They are wearing the Tahrir-al-sham terrorists’ masks. A huge amount of chemicals has been handed to them in recent days. Their preparations for a staged chemical attack are coordinated with plans of the imperialists for missile attacks in the Persian Gulf.

The UN has warned against terrorists’ attack. These are all happening before the Syrian government’s attempt to free the last state under Islamist possession.

Let us stand up against the US-UK conspiracy which is going to expand until it reaches World War 3



Women’s Power

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