19th August 1953The US Coup in Iran

19th August 1953
The US Coup in Iran

19th August is an eternal stamp of disgrace on the forehead of the USA Zionist- imperialist regime.

19th August is the start of a chain of calamities imposed by imperialists, with the Mullah regime as a result.

19th August is the day for unbreakable unity between all revolutionary fighters who aim to free the people of Iran from Imperialistic domination of any kind.

The eternal love of these fighters for the memory of those who were executed and imprisoned in the slaughterhouses of the Shah and Mullahs, is the light and power for their unity against Imperialists and their executioners.

The imperialists’ sly servants among Iranians, who support and promote the new colonial system (neo-liberalism) as one and only way to rescue Iran’s economy, should be unmasked. This is the most important revolutionary step at the current moment.


Farah Notash       Worlds Anti-imperialist Front   Women’s Power

Vienna 14th August 2018



Women’s Power

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