To Mike Pompeo, the US Foreign Secretary

To Mike Pompeo, the US Foreign Secretary

From “People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation”



Every time the people of Iran rise and try to get over this horrible Mullah regime in Iran, the US Foreign Secretary immediately starts sending messages, one after the other, that the US is supporting the people of Iran and is standing beside them.

What Iran’s people have experienced for a long time is that the USA is killing them by its sanctions. And by these messages, it is causing the death of many protesters, who are blamed by the Mullahs for being tools of the enemy.

As a matter of fact, the people of Iran know perfectly well that, not only the USA never stands beside them, but it is clearly against all the nations in the world, as well as its own people.

The unhidden truth for the US panicking these days, getting in and out of Syria, hiding behind the mask of helping the Kurds, is the deficit of the US budget of about 1,000,000,000,000 (1 trillion) dollars, due to the no-tax policy for the 1%! That is added to the US ever increasing debt of 16,800,000,000,000 (16.8 trillion) dollars! So, to tell you the truth, the world is not sure which of the regimes is going to collapse first, the US regime, or Iran’s horrible Mullah regime!

Iranians would rather die than take any support from the blood-thirsty US regime. For they have suffered enough because of the US 1953 Coup in Iran and seen all these miseries since, as the result of US interferences in Iran’s civil policy. Therefore, they will never even slightly look towards the sick greedy US regime. Since WW2, its permanent wars, coups, regime changes, proxy wars have just ruined the world, with the aim of seizing world resources for the US 1%. The last Coup was on 10th Nov 2019 in Bolivia against the government of Evo Morales to seize the Lithium mines of Bolivia. Lithium is highly used for electric cars. Morales’ trade with China in the interests of the Bolivian people, instead of the world’s top 1% supra national companies, was the cause for this coup. The US inhuman, deceitful foreign policy is watched step by step by the people of the world. And we never find the US Government on the side of any nation, even its own.

Besides, why is the USA trying to act as the world’s guardian!? The world has the United Nation, whose responsibility is manifested clearly. Why is the USA trying to take over the UN’s responsibility, in order to sneak in for new mischiefs?!

If you wish to save your head, be cautious and never interfere in Iran’s civil problems. And be sure there won’t be any place for any of your puppets in Iran. Don’t try to push your Iranian “Juan Guaidos”!

Down with the blood-thirsty US Regime,

Down with Iran’s horrible Mullah Regime

Long live the resistance of the US people against the US regime of the 1%.

Long live the Iranian struggle against the Mullah regime.


“People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation”

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