Open letter to the UN and 5+1

Open letter to the UN and 5+1

From “People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation”

24. 11.2019


This letter is an alarm bell for a danger threatening a nation trapped in a most complicated situation and calling for urgent help.

The 4 western countries decision in the 1979 Guadeloupe was for the Shah to go and Khomeini to come.

After the 1953 US coup, Khomeini’s protest against Shah’s land reform, and the US law of capitulation, was the first social explosion in 1963. Khomeini’s anti-capitulation protest was considered a positive protest. But the truth behind it was neglected as he was not a true anti-colonialist. He was against the USA, because he was pro-UK. He was against sharing out the feudal land among the farmers.

British Imperialism, alongside the establishment of East Indian Company, started its infiltration in the Islamic community. The formation of the Pyramid of Blind Obedience with the school of the Ayatollahs, is a British creation for indirect domination on the Muslim masses. So, every Ayatollah has some of the masses as obedient followers, but at the peak of the Pyramid stands a hidden British imperialist giving out God’s orders!

In 1928 Britain established the Moslem Brotherhood in Cairo. The branches spread all over. The Persian branch of Fadaian Islam was established, through connection to the Iraqi School. Khomeini was responsible for ordering the stabbing and shooting of Ahmad Kasravi, the great Persian writer and intellectual, and was responsible for all the terror in Iran. Terrorism was an active part of this belief. Several Persian Prime Ministers and top intellectuals were the victims of this terrorism. The Shia branch remained with the UK, While the Sunni Branch of the Moslem Brotherhood spread from Cairo to Turkey and was taken over by the USA.

The Lodge Hojatiyeh, which was set up by UK freemasons and believes in the return of the 12th Imam, belongs to the Gang of the Supreme Leader, Khamenei.

In 1979 Khomeini was admitted and promoted by the USA, UK, France and the West Germany. He came with the slogan of preferring the poor to the rich, but the first thing he did was to ban the Workers’ Union. Even the celebration of the 1st of May is forbidden in Iran, which was the same in the Shah’s period.

At the beginning he expressed “we will export our revolution”. He started using the word “people” instead of “nation”. In fact, they started expanding the UK territory.

They started buying palaces in England. And while they were in a constant fight with the USA, they sent their children to live and study in the USA, with endless amounts of money, stolen from the Iranian budget, transferred to their bank accounts.

This regime, like all colonial governments, applies an extremely harsh dictatorship. In fact, it is very similar to Daesh. Most of the budget is continually stolen. The thieves of billions of Euros or Dollars are never found. But they cut off the hand of a jobless man who has stolen a small something. The prisons are continuously bleeding with the fresh blood of the oppositions.

The countries of 5+1 never want any member of Daesh to return home.

Or even, some never let the Islamists have any activities in their lands. So why do they want Iranians to suffer under the horrible government of UK Daesh in Iran? The difference is that the US Daesh cuts off people’s heads, but the UK Daesh shoots people’s heads from the back during peaceful demonstrations. Then they collect the shot bodies from streets and hospitals and call the relatives and ask for 40 million tomans, to give the body to them. And ask them to bury them quickly and quietly in one hour without any ceremony. Then the number of killed people is never known. While hundreds are killed, they talk of 10! Now 4500 of the protestors are in a terrible situation in the Fashafuieh Prison with a 10 000 capacity, full of criminals. And the relatives have been called, obviously with the intention of getting money from them to fill their large pockets. A few months ago, Shirr Mohamad Aalii, a young opposition member, was killed there with 37 knife stabs by criminals who were promised to be freed after killing the young man.

The 5+1 talk of democracy in their own countries but want the highly exploited people of Iran to tolerate this horrible insult to humanity by their rulers and be quiet. If Islamist activity is forbidden in some countries, let it be forbidden all over the world. Why should it be free in Iran? Why is the pain of Iranians ignored? The People of Iran are not going to step back and tolerate this cancer anymore. This is the end of it. If the mullahs were promoted by 4 western countries in 1979, it is time for them to be dethroned by the UN now.


It is time the USA and NATO leave the Middle East.

It is time Britain stops its mischiefs in the Middle East.

Saudi Arabia, as the US servant, has ruined all the Middle East. It is time it pays Syria and the rest compensation.

Bin Salman, Khashoggi’s slaughter, is reported by the Saudi opposition to have a prison in the basement of his palace, in which tortures are carried out under his own supervision.

For the interest of the UN


“People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation”

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