Our meeting will be on 7th Dec (16th Azar)

Our meeting will be on 7th Dec (16th Azar)

14th statement of

People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation

2nd Dec 2019

Bereaved nation of Iran!

Until now, 366 Iranian protestors + 1 child have been killed by the Mullah Regime of Iran and more than 7000 people have been arrested during the recent protests. The numbers of captured people are increasing due to house to house chasing and arresting of the protestors. That is plus the programs distributed on Iran’s TV, by the Mullahs Goran specialists, which according to Goran’s give instructions to torture them in public, to cut off their hands and feet and take their eyes out. Then put them on an old boat and let them die on the sea.

Now that we are approaching the 7th of December, the anniversary day of historical “Student– Day” in Iran, the day three student were shot in Tehran University. They were in a peaceful demonstration protesting Richard Nixon’s official visit to Iran, four months after the US coup in 1953. “Mostafa Bozorgnia, Ahmad Ghandchi and Azar Sharieat Razavi.” May their memory live eternally and let them always be respected.

Today, the freedom of the arrested protestors is our first step, and first duty.

The world should know we are at the beginning of our path. And will not be quiet until we overthrow this horrible Mullah regime and establish a worthy government for Iranians, independent and seeking justice.

Imperialists should stop their greed for Iran and its resources. Iran will never be the parading ground for their servants. These dirty games continuing for centuries are to stop here and now.

On 7th of December (16th Azar) the Iranian Nation will come out

into the streets of Iran with all their families, and never goes back home, until all the 7000 arrested people and all the political prisoners are freed.

We ask all the people of the world to support the highly oppressed people of Iran and stand with them, wherever in the world, and protest against the savage mullahs.

And we have to announce here and now that if the nation of Iran is attacked by Mullahs anywhere in Iran, then the era of the Mullah’s power will go with the wind.

Any interference of the USA and its servants is absolutely forbidden.

Down with the USA & Co

Down with British Daesh, the sinister Mullah Regime

Freedom for all protestors and all political prisoners


People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation


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