Protesters, with hands tied, drowned in sewage waters and dams.

Protesters, with hands tied, drowned in sewage waters and dams.

17th statement of

People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation (3rd line)

17th Dec 2019

It is clear for the world to see, what the Mullah regime is doing with the exploited people of Iran.

The criminal Mullah regime has thrown protestors with their hands tied into sewage waters and dams. The people have pulled their bodies out of the dams and sewage waters. The honest diver Bahman Parvaresh, who had pulled out some protesters’ bodies from the Karaj dam, which provides part of Tehran’s water, has been arrested by the security forces of the Revolutionary Guards. Nobody knows where he has been taken.

Mullah Regime is in extreme fear of the reaction against the crimes it has committed. Therefore, it is creating new events to divert attentions from the its crimes. Recently some tablets were found in the cakes of school children.

Today the tablets are even in babies’ milk powder!

Similarly, information was released by mullahs in the circle of the leadership, saying that Rohini was going to resign. And then the same information was denounced as foreign mischief a few days later by a newspaper from the same circle,

The people’s anger and uprising is growing

The Mullahs regime is to perish

People’s Front for Iran’s Salvation (Anti USA – anti Mullah)

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