Beginning of the US’s new game with the Kurds

Beginning of the US’s new game with the Kurds

Kurds exposed to the world’s judgment


Farah Notash            Worlds Anti-imperialist Front         Women’s Power

Vienna     26 Oct 2019

Not only did the USA mobilize Daesh to seize the Middle East resources and misuse simple Muslim youth as the means to enter Syria, but also, together with other NATO wolves, has been busy plundering Syrian oil fields and still is.

Now, by openly pushing Syrian Kurds towards the Syrian oil fields, the US is revealing its imperialist aim in misusing them as servants for its desire to devour the world, but it is telling them that this is to help them to extract oil and sell it, to provide for their expenses!

What is happening?! Since when has the USA been the guardian and supporter of the exploited people of the world?! “Now it is not just the cock’s tail which is visible, the cock is now stepping in with full impudence”. This stage is a new stage, in which the US, under the mask of helping the Kurds, is going to misuse them for plundering Syrian oil mines.

Its mask should be ripped off. At this stage at last, the US’s sinister wishes to seize the world’s resources have become fully visible. And surprisingly enough, at this stage the USA is no longer talking about the Kurds’ unforgiveable failure to give help to the USA during WW2!

Aren’t the Kurds capable, in unity with Bashar Al-Assad, to mine the oil and pay for their expenses, without the so-called help of the US?!

Since when has the USA been the Guardian of the Kurds and so worried about their income and expenses?!

The collapsing USA with its 1000 billion budget deficit, cannot see anybody as friends, and only for its salvation it is hanging onto any dry twigs and thorns.

The fast return of the USA from Iraq to Syria is not unlinked to the bad economic condition of the US, which was announced by the US Finance Minister. Today he announced the level of the US debt is 16.8 trillion US Dollars. (1,000,000,000,000, is one trillion).

One of the reasons for the US budget deficit is the Trump’s tax cuts on the top 1%. So, at this stage the US determination to defend the interests of the 1% and overcome its budget deficit, has caused the return to Syria and plundering of Syrian oil mines by misusing Kurds!

After the Kurds’ recent defeat, now is their maturity stage. Instead of joining forces with the USA&CO in NATO, they need to unite with the exploited working class of the Middle East area. And stand shoulder to shoulder with the Syrian working-class struggle for their rights against the NATO members’ aggression in Syria.

Unity with Bashar Al- Assad is the beginning of the path.

The one and only form of human salvation is socialism. With unity around an anti-imperialist, anti-Zionist pillar.

NATO is the organization of imperialists unity. While Russia and China are run by a capitalist system, they have no attitude of imperialists. The most important part of the scientific philosophy of Marxism is the dependence on reality. Wherever the USA attacks another nation’s interests, Russia with China on its side, start supporting those nations. If this important fact and basic reality is ignored and not seen, and political-philosophical words such as “Imperialism” are incorrectly used, the result will be an unforgivable mistake, which amounts to „Misleading the people”.

If any of the European leftist parties and organizations are calling Russia and China imperialists, it is because their central comities were occupied by Zionists after WW2. Or established by Zionists. The proof is very simple. They all recognize and support blood-thirsty Israel.

The people who want to change this miserable world, should have personality and stop following them. To acknowledge the weak points of parties and governments is necessary, but labelling Russia and China as imperialist, is only a way of following and helping the imperialists in NATO.

Long live the anti-imperialist/anti-Zionist Unity of all Leftist parties and organizations!

May the characters of Imperialism and Zionism be recognized!

Down with opportunism: the dominant ideology must be confronted!

Women’s Power

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