The defeat of compromising line …Kurds and the US dirty games

The defeat of compromising line …Kurds
and the US dirty games

Farah Notash Worlds Anti-imperialist Front Women’s Power

Vienna 11.10.2019

The Turkish attack and invasion of Syrian Kurdistan was neither sudden nor uninformed. Just a few days before the attack, Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad asked the Kurds to come back into the embrace of their home.

Not only has the fighting against Daesh presented a shining bright face of the Syrian Kurds to the world, but there are also thousands of Daesh fighters imprisoned in Syrian Kurdistan prisons under the supervision of Defenders of the Kurdish Nation, among which are brave Kurdish women. These women, who have proved themselves in practice, are among the world’s most honorable women and capable of setting an example for other women.

The presence of the US army in Syria was illegal and was not invited by the legal Syrian government. The Syrian government had many times asked both the USA and Turkish governments to leave Syria. Now the USA is talking about leaving Syria, while its NATO partner Turkey has started another illegal invasion. Of course, as the US gang has not succeeded in changing the Syrian Government, the Turkish government is trying somehow to squeeze in and make a lasting problem for the Syrian Government by creating a barrier region between Turkish Kurds and Syrian Kurds with the US-Democrats Syrian refugees in Turkey. Also, Turkey does not want any changes in the Turkish map to the benefit of the Kurds.

While Pompeo, the US foreign secretary, denies giving a green light for Turkey’s invasion of Syria, Trump is accusing the Kurds of not helping the USA in WW2!! And he claims that the USA has spent a lot of money to help the Kurds! He also claims that the Kurds’ fight against Daesh was to defend their own land! Former US soldiers protested against Trump for leaving the Kurds alone in Syria, they assume that the Kurds are US infantries. And the Kurds denounced the USA for wishing to leave Syria, considering such a move as a stab in the back.

Whereas Daesh essentially was a US Zionist Islamic proxy army to make a new US Shaam-Iraq colony under Israeli command, which would later give the chance for the realization of the sick dreams of an empire from the Nile to the Euphrates! And the US presence in Syria was not for fighting against Daesh, but to help them and ruin the Middle East.

But off course after every defeat, stepping back is compulsory. That is why the US is happy about the Turkish invasion and the new small US colony. Shameless Erdogan, who has 26 US bases in his country, is trying to make another one in Syria and free the Deash murderers to misuse them for further dirty mischiefs.

Today it is not only Rojava which is experiencing harsh, repeated bloody lessons, but this situation of bitter, duped Syrian Kurds needs to be taken as the most serious lesson of the 21st century by all those of the world’s leftists who reconcile with imperialists.

The leftists who are left-wing in words, but right-wing in practice, cheat the working class. The leftists who respect imperialism for its bullying and mischiefs in various colours, as they are opportunists and not fighters. They compromise willingly with imperialists and betray their nations.

It is obvious that the NATO members would not break their unity and work for an oppressed nation. It is obvious that they plan and act together. It is obvious that the friendship of lamb and wolf is not to the benefit of the Lamb.

These tediously repeated tricks can only be successfully played on unintelligent fighters or followers of sold-out leaders. Honest, intelligent campaigners would never allow themselves to be fooled twice by the same trick.

The Kurds have been duped repeatedly and do not want to learn their lessons. The US plan of “Great Kurdistan” has given them a chauvinist dream which enables them to be misused by the USA.

Any compromise with imperialism must be prohibited. To compromise means to allow oneself to be dominated. The contradiction between socialism and imperialism is antagonistic. All middle lines are made by imperialists for killing time, destroying hopes and continuing the dreadful domination.

It is essential to learn from world experience and prohibit repetition. Imperialism is the unchangeable enemy of the nations of the South and the world’s working class. Hatred towards imperialism must always be kept polished and up-to-date.

Compromise with imperialism at any level is poison and a diversion from socialism.

Why do Kurds think only Kurdistan belongs to them?

Why don’t they think all of Syria belongs to them? Or all the world? In the Internet age Nationalism is, like tight small clothes, a real source of pain.

The way ahead for Kurds and all other oppressed nations is to fight for socialism shoulder to shoulder with all other people under oppression. If borders could make nations happy, 8 million Persians would never have left Iran.

So, the path to salvation is elsewhere.

Borderless love for humanity

Never forget disasters produced by the USA & Co and never compromise

unite against the USA & Co

Women’s Power

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