The wolves attack

The wolves attack

Farah Notash

Women's power (world anti imperialist front)

July 2014


The result of Hollywood, CIA integration is a political play script which is encircling the world from Arabic lands, Africa, Iran, Ukraine and...

The leader of terrorists Daesh who plays football with cut head of Iraqi soldiers claims of being world Moslem's leader... Abu-Bakr al- Baghdadi.

The US president, who plays as if he wants to stop Daesh, by taking his troops to Iraq, is asking US congress for half milliard dollar help for Syrian Opposition.

The Syrian opposition who is the same Daesh, and has been supported economically by USA and its puppets, Saudi Arabia and co ...( slave makers...children to grownups, women and men) Qatar, Imarets , Kuwait.

Daesh has the new map made in USA, for the great Islamic territory covering all the Middle East and some parts of Europe. The footballer has

Asked all the Moslems of the world to join him. As in 1400 years ago the beginning of Islam.

The other fixed US partner Israel, quickly kills 3 young Jewish boys, and start preparing the world for taking Gaza strip. Nathan Yahoo with such

Dramatic play, did his best to make the world believe that really Hamas

Is responsible for the tragedy. Although all the religious governments should be diminished as soon as possible, but the world has witnessed

The very cautious behavior of Hamas after fall of Morsi in Egypt.   Although a young Palestinian boy has also been burnt alive, but everyone fallowing Palestinian events knows to which direction Zionist

Regime of Israel is leading for.  

The funny Saudi Arabia who has been the greatest support of Daesh

To deceive the world, plays as the enemy of Daesh, and brings 30 000

Solders behind the Iraq's border.

Tony Blair the dead primnister of British Empire all of a sudden comes out of the grave and claims for the share of his empire in Iraq!

In this play the Erdogan who has had great responsibility in total destruction of Syria, dreams great Brisance empire and Sultan Suleiman out of Grave.

In this great worldwide play the Ukraine has not become an neo colony, but a

US Colony. The voice of Harvard is there. All kind of US officers, CIA and NTO, present, bussing the Ukrainian servant authorities.  As US could not make Arabic Spring, there, and could not take his Islamist there, shamelessly

hanged of the skirt of faschists.

And all of a sudden USA and Iran's mullah regime plane together fight against

The horrible Daesh!!!!

The restless Imperialism, the USA, as a matter of fact at 2008 never took

His soldiers out of Iraq. But replaced them with its made Al-Qaida, 1976,

Alnusra, the Iraqi Branch. And continued destroying Iraq by daily explosions.

The destraction of the world and rise of misery, is none stop taking place

By the USA and co.

The urgent formation of the anti Imperialist front ,in all the counties

Is the most vital step to be taken against all these horrifying mess, being made by the USA?

The US Imperialism , must know if itself is so unintelligent  to make such a foolish play to survive, his time is over and it is too old, by taking the nations back to 1400 years ago   will never get young. He will be thrown out soon.

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