Farah Notash   Women's Power   2014-07-24

It was 10: 22 am, 3 July 1988 when flight 655 Iran air (airbus) with 290 passengers, was shot with the rockets of a USA's warship.

The tragedy took place from the USS Vincennes warship with no permission in Persian waters in Persian Gulf. All the passengers were killed at once. The warship commander Roger C Williams received the Bravery prize for killing the innocent passengers.

             After the tragic murder of 3 young Jewish boys as an excuse of the Israeli government for the massacre in Gaza, now the next part of the USA scenario has taken place. Opening a parachute to cover the crimes.

Shooting down a Malaysian passenger airplane was needed as a media cover for:

1-The crimes of Israel in Gaza. And giving a chance to Israel to finish the work of taking over Gaza.  (Remainder of the massacre in Deiryasin.1)

2- The crimes committed by the USs uneducated religious army, ISIS Daesh, in Iraq and Syria.

3- The constant presence of NATO , CIA and Pentagon Officers in Ukraine.

4-By accusing the resisting Ukrainian forces for the shot, as an excuse to prepare public opinion for attacking Russia.

 Who benefits from the shooting of the airplane, naturally the USA.

 In its hellish preparation, lies, cruelty and systematic misuse of the world media to spread USA lies, are the main tools.

The obedient servant, the new Ukrainian regime who is getting prepared to take the USA orders and take the Ukrainian nation to the Imperialists greed slaughter house.

The Russians have culture of peace, but also a strong culture of defense.

On the threshold of this great world crisis the humanists and all the people whose heart beats for justice and freedom are expected to revile the media's lies. They need to get organized urgently, and start establishing their own anti imperialist fronts in all countries. They need the strongest co-operation with one another. The greatest world unity.

The Religious governments have all proved to be makers of human's misery without any exception. But that does not apply to religious people from all religions who want to participate the fight against imperialism.

Millions of Europeans and the people of other parts of the world demonstrated against the USA attack of Iraq in 2003. But the entire world witnessed the USAs ignorance.

 The total destruction and misery of Iraq goes on till today .The USA does not leave this nation in peace even today, and is taking them to the depth of the darkest Grave by its servant ISIS (Daesh).

As we see from their result, demonstrations are working to cool down the people's anger, but are bringing no victory for the people.

The killings, brutality, mischief and barbarity are going on non-stop. As if the people of the world had given their consent to these killings, to this reactionary sickening US foreign policy.   

Establishing the true anti Imperialist organized front is of today's urgent need. To put an end to the existence of this world devouring monster

and co.

      1- On 9 April 1948 between the hours of midnight and 12 noon the village of Deir yasin in North West Jerusalem was wiped off the map of Palestine. The commander for this massacre was Menachem Begin , from the Argon terrorist organization(with the same character as Nazis). Later he became Israelis prime minister as a member of Likud party. Since he received the Nobel peace Prize, it is no longer an honour to receive this prize but only a shame. The Nobel Pease Prize comity has been taken over by the Zionists. It is a tool of Imperialism.

 Netanyahu is from the Menachem Begins Likud party. The party of racist Zionism, the inseparable part of imperialism. Now he is massacring a nation and trying to wipe Gaza from the map(Rabbi Liyor has actually called for wiping of Gaza). These extremely sick men with eyes behind their head are looking at the maps of 3000 years ago .Netanyahu was elected by the majority of the population. This majority is also responsible for the raise of anti Semitism in the world. The nations should know they are responsible for their votes. These parasites are absolutely out of harmony with our age and time. ISIS Daesh, Iran's Regime, Moslem brotherhood, Hamas, Al-Qaida,Taliban, Salafis,African Boko Haram and all religious political movements. They all have only one aim, keeping the human an Eternal Fool. They are all, the inventions of the USA and UK Imperialists, which are supported by the other Imperialists. The first and the most important step for every human who is honest and has love for others, is to rise and to get organized in the anti imperialist front, to clean the earth from all these movement and Governments.

Long live the Ukrainian resistance against the USA and its puppet  

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