Army of Thugs

Army of Thugs

USA, UK and Israel's co- production

Farah Notash     Women's Power   August 2014

Not only the Islamist State (IS) is a monster, but Obama is also a true devil.

The IS an army of Thugs, consisting of the most criminal prisoners released from prisons all over the world, trained directly by USA officers and armed in Turkey. They are sent to Syria as the Syrian opposition, to kill the people. Hundreds of thousands of Syrians were killed, millions became wounded and homeless. Millions of children with no parents facing the most dreadful future.

Those who have not been felt affected by all these facts perhaps can search for the last look of James Foley the America Journalist before he was decapitated.

With fastened hands, kneeling or with buried legs, and his bare neck at the easy reach of being beheaded by a criminal. His deep suffering look with bitterly pressed lips.

Although this scene has been reported as staged to protect the singer, James Foley was nevertheless decapitated. This was planned to give the US an excuse to invade Syria.

These criminals are the Syrian opposition. And devil Obama asked the US congress for half a billion Dollars to support them!

The Murderer is an Egyptian Islamist refugee from London. The Muslim Brotherhood was founded in Egypt by UK imperialism in 1928.

After Morsi's fall, they went back to where they real belonged. London!

The IS monster is the co-production of Israel, the UK AND the USA. The Honey bees nest action. The company's extremely active partners are Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar and France. The leader is Abu-Bakr Baghdadi, who had a year of special training in Israel.

The similarity in Tactics and direction Of Israel and IS is not incidental. Israel is massacring people in Gaza and IS in Syria and Iraq, both killing Arabs with the same aim, taking over the lands.  

Although the misery seems to be far away from the borders, it is here all over Europe. The misery is knocking on the door. It is just the question of who is first or second. IS the USA's monster kid is here all over the European countries. Thousands of brainwashed young Muslims in European mosques are waiting to start their mission.

God's war! Do not only the expect the total distraction of the Middle East but also of the world.

Should Europe still trust, help and co-operate with the Zionist USA

towards the destruction of the world?

Is there going to be a miracle to change this terrible situation?

Or has the 3rd world war simply been planned.


Long live Opposition in the USA and Israel


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