Members of Likud party

Members of Likud party

Farah Notash         Women's Power          Sep 2014

The Likud Party, the ruling party of Israel is the most criminal party in the world. The ideology of this party is racist Zionism. The Zionists, not only are an inseparable part of imperialism, but also the most active part of imperialism.

Genocide of Palestinians is an aim for the Zionists. In the recent massacres, they bombarded schools, and killed many of the children due to excessive use of all kinds of explosives. In earlier massacres they struck the children on head with gunstocks, shot and stabbed abdomen of pregnant women.

A young and prominent Zionist woman says: we must kill the women, they give birth to snakes. A middle aged man of the Likud Party says: It is a war, in war one can kill everybody and flatten the ground.

From the beginning this party has had members like Menachim Begin, the world known mass murderer. Not only they have occupied the land of a nation, but their aim has been and is to kill the entire nation too.

This party, not only has members inside, but outside Israel too. The outside "members", all have one specific mission. To prevent any action against Israel, when the ruling party kills the people of Palestine, tortures them in underground prisons which are always kept under 10 degree C, where experiments are made of all kind of new torturing facilities on them, and where their organs are taken and sold.

These outside "members "of the Likud party are to keep the world quiet when the ruling party makes Nuclear weapons. They are the small parts of the devilish Likud party which carries out inhuman activity inside the occupied Palestine. This party's foreign activities are conducted in co-operation with the horrible USA in organizing the most hellish activities in the Middle East. Such as funding and activating ISIS. Training the most criminal murderess and sending them to Iraq and Syria as opposition. There are more than 5 million Syrian
Children without parents, two ruined countries and endless disasters.

The "members" of the Likud party outside Israel, to help the inhuman and distractive ruling, have one particular strategy. Make endless organizations, occupy positions and dominate different parties to dictated analysis coming from center. The harmonious view on Israel in Europe is the evidence.

Some other parties in Israel protest against this inhuman aggression of the Likud party, but the funny dedicated outside "members" of Likud Party, keep their most reactionary positions and support this part of US imperialist. The funniest is that, these people are also activists in communist parties. These "Likud members" in communist parties have been able to ruin the communist parties. And this is why the workers keep away from the communist parties. The communist parties keep deteriorating and shrinking. Also this is how these Likud members are at the service of imperialism.

When the people criticize these massacres done by Likud party, killing machine,

The" members" outside start crying Oh... anti Semites, Oh... holocaust deniers.

They do not even give a chance to the Media to reflect on the many Jewish protests inside Israel.
These "members „ are identified by people and are deserted by working class and the parties always stay as extreme minority. The work of these outside "Likud members" is absolutely harmonious. As their slogans and their logic is the same all over Europe. That shows their centralized management.

One of these slogans ...the problem has two sides...

Of course one side has stone and other side hundreds of atom bombs!
They call the attacks of Israel on Gaza... a war ! Of course Hamas which was produced by Israel is also completely co-operating in causing turbulence.

Before the attacks, the "outside members" always prepare the public for accepting the most tragic attacks coming up. And after dreadful massacre Speeches and films over disasters of holocaust are their routine activity. Any protester they label as an anti -Semite
They have the mission to show this massacre as a war. And the massacre as self defense. No end to capture and killing and keeping the world quiet.

"If you are neutral in a situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressors". Desmond Tutu
Humanity cannot tolerate these disasters of this monster Likud party any longer. One cannot occupy communist position and support imperialists!

This is a big lie under the communist mask.

Muslim brotherhood was created by UK in 1928 in Egypt. Hamas is a branch of it produced and supported by the Likud party to make the killings continue. The Iron dome is preventing the rockets from reaching the ground.

The world who appreciates the protests of the brave opposition in Israel against this uncivilized savage Likud party, expects Unity of the Israeli opposition parties to take over power and end this Constant intolerable misery.

And they will arrest the Murderers of Likud party, punishing them and disband the party. This will be the great progress towards justice.

The masked "members" of Likud party who are spread all over Europe are getting known and will be reveled.

Down with Zionism down with mullah regime of Iran

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