The torch of revenge

The torch of revenge

Farah Notash                         Women's power               Vienna 26 10. 2014

The ugly capitalist Mullah regime of Iran, which is a secret old puppet of UK imperialism, its showing its obediency to its lord. Throwing acid at the faces of young women in Iran, in order to make them wear a closed sack with two holes. And stay at home instead of coming out. As the religious rulers of ISIS have succeeded with uneducated uncultured women, while the majority of seats in all Iran's vast Universities are occupied by women. 

The UK and USA imperialists are trying as hard as they can to extend their parasitic existence by taking nations many centuries back in the past.

Halford Mackinder's Theory, followed by The Second Chance of Zbigniew Brzezinski the USA imperialists theorician, are both blue prints (templates)   for this horrible world destruction. Then comes the French anti- humanist Henry Corbin with his maniac ideas of promoting religious fundamentalism to overcome communism.

They are the base of the USA's criminal foreign policy. Creating ISIS, helping them and deceitfully bombarding them. And UK Imperialism with Iran's ugly and funny looking regime tries to extend its parasitical existence  and stay in the Middle East.

According to their wishes, the nations in Asia and Africa should not go forwards but only backwards. They do not need Nuclear Power.

They can go back to the era of donkeys and monkeys. And have fanaticism Imposed on them

By their harsh dictatorships they direct them to the hell of fanatic barbarism.

Iran's Mullah regime to serve his parasite lord British Imperialism has made the Iran nation to suffer for all the years it has ruled. That is 36 years.

The nation suffers under the pressure of the constitution in many aspect in  addition to daily new rules chosen by a totally obedient parliament. The most anti-human apartheid rules are established, disgusting and humiliating anti woman rules , not accepting women as  human beings.

The imposed ugly reactionary Hijab is one of these.

And Iran's women have truly fought against that for the past 36 years.

Now that Iran's horrible regime is becoming more under pressure because of nuclear power, is acting exactly as ISIS to show his loyalty to the Imperialists. Its Fridays' Mullah speakers who are in a tightly organized together with the leader ship and the UK , have announced that time of bullying and domineering for hijab  is over, now they will start action against badly hijabed women.

Throwing Acid on women's faces making them blind and face-less for life, is one of those anti -human actions. This action is the most horrible tragedy of our time. Plastic surgery cannot help these Victims. With the most horrible face, how can they live for a life-time? This is what imperialists of the UK and the USA want for the women of Asia and Africa. While their own Barbies strip naked.

In recent days there have been many demonstrations in Isfahan and Tehran against the throwing acid.. The Mullahs try to save their rule by saying that is chasing the criminals.  The Torch of revenge is lit in the hands of the women and men of Iran.

The UK-USA crime does just destroy the East, look at Europe how is getting destroyed by the growth of fanaticism.

Is to up to the women and men of the world to keep the torch of revenge alight,  pull down UK- USA imperialism and free the world from its prehistoric dinosaurs.

Making the society sick by brain- washing in kinder-gartens, schools, Universities and all over. It is outside this article's capacity to explain the extent of the real Miseries of this Fanatic imposture of Imperialists.

The world should pull these horrible imperialists down.

Down with Zionists....USA...UK

Down with all the religious movements and rulings

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