Respectable nation of Turkey

Respectable nation of Turkey

On 19th of June 2014 Thayeb Erdoghan Turkey's Priminister is coming to Vienna. The purpose of his journeys to Germany and Austria is to draw public attraction and obtain votes in Turkey's upcoming election.

In foreign policy Erdoghan and his party, have been and are direct followers of USA imperialism. This means, Erdoghan is active in implementing US foreign policy, which is against the Asian and African nation's benefits, and he is quite happy with it.

In today's world, the bleak future of more than 5 million Syrian children, is the greatest tragedy in the history of the world's children, as the direct  result of Erdoghan's foreign policy, under domination of the USA.

     -  Close cooperation with Arab leaders under USA domination and the state of Israel.
     -  Dominance over European mosques, and brain washing Europe's Muslim Youth to misuse them for the wicked wishes of the USA.
     -  Military training of European Muslim youth in Turkey directly under the training of USA officers.
     -  One-way opening of the Turkish / Syrian border, and sending the deceived youth to fight in Syria.
     -  Cooperation with Turkey's mafia, for sex enslavering of Syrian women and children refugees.
     -    And lately, activating European Mosques for brain washing Muslim European young   girls and making them to wear treacherous Burka, and sending them to the Syrian fronts.
     -  Multidirectional cooperation with Iran's wicked Mafia regime in economical corruption and betraying the people of Turkey and Iran.
     -  Turning Turkey's land into a USA explosive gun powder store against the Middle East, with the existence of 24 US, NATO military bases. The Incirlik and Izmir Bases are equipped with rockets having capability for usage of nuclear heads. The disasters of killing and destruction in Afghanistan and Iraq from the Incirlik base will never be forgotten.

Dear and brave nation of Turkey

The cry of agony and accusation of 5 million homeless Syrian children causes us a pain, in front of which we cannot keep quiet. With the obligation to human duty in the international scene, and rejecting reject Erdoghan and his Party from Turkey's political scene and rescue the Middle East from the US conspiracy applied by Erdoghan and his party!

Farah Notash     
Women's Power (world anti -imperialist front)
Vienna June 2014

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